On national reparations

Published: 6/5/2019 8:39:15 AM

Yes to Allen Davis’ invitation to start an IRA as a gesture of penance for the harm we Americans of European descent have done to American descendants of slaves. (Recorder, May 30). But it would have a stronger impact if it were a Collective Reparations Account (CRA) instead of an Individual RA. Individual efforts can go unnoticed, while a collective effort can serve as a model for other communities and maybe even snowball into something that descendants of slaves can see and feel.

Ultimately our government has to make national reparations (NRA*) to dismantle our systems of racial oppression which have not let up since slavery was abolished. It can’t be in the form of money because there are not enough trillions of dollars to pay for what White America has stolen. But affirmative action can be greatly expanded, college admission facilitated, and banks/real estate can be punished for their greed in keeping descendants of slaves from equal access to loans and homes. And providing good health care and protection from police violence can become government functions. The list goes on.

*The irony is obvious. Which NRA speaks to you? Let us create CRA’s and use them to push for NRA’s.

Sherrill Hogen


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