Published: 11/9/2018 9:27:50 AM
Police need to curb excessive speeding

Living on a busy street, it has become clear to me that excessive speed of vehicular traffic in Greenfield is not a priority to law enforcement.

I have written to the mayor, the chief of police, this newspaper and spoken with individual officers about this issue and have received no results. In fact, speed continues to increase. I live along Allen Street, which has become a de facto highway and in the five years that I’ve lived here, I can count on one hand how many traffic stops I’ve seen. At first, I thought the problem to be with my street only, but I have come to recognize that the problem is city wide and applies to nearly all drivers, not just the usual scofflaws – moms and dads in minivans, service vans, big trucks, commuters, Domino pizza delivery drivers, motorcyclists and so on. In addition, while walking four blocks to a visit a friend on a recent evening, I counted 21 cars that passed me and of those cars, 12 were using their mobile phones. If speed were a house fire, this town would be in ashes. It’s time for the police department to earnestly step up enforcement town-wide, because traffic speed is getting out of control.

Adam Heintz


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