Sanders only one who can change this direction

Published: 2/13/2020 9:07:32 AM

Last weekend I stood out in the cold on Main Street in Greenfield, holding a sign. While most people were warm in bed, I, along with several others, chose to spend my Saturday morning outside in the freezing temperatures. Why?

We have a primary coming up in this state, on Tuesday, March 3, to elect the next candidate for the Democratic Presidential Campaign. This election will be the most important of my lifetime so far. It is an opportunity to elect an individual who can beat Donald Trump, reinvigorate American politics, and take back this country for millions of hard-working ordinary Americans like myself. The individual who can best do that is Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders can muster the kind of swing-state and non-traditional voters that will be needed to beat Donald Trump. According to polls, Sanders leads Trump in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — three key states that Trump won in 2016. In Iowa, Sanders was carried by Muslim, Latino, and student voters, three groups who can change the course of an election.

But even more than his probability of defeating Trump, Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who has the kind of moral courage and political integrity to lead us out of this trying time. When most people in America are struggling just to make it each day, we need a president who understands the lives of working people, and is unafraid and unapologetic in fighting for them. This is about fighting for the future of the country, against the nihilism and corruption which have become the common currency of so many of our elected officials.

Bernie Sanders is the only one who can change this direction we are headed in. This is certainly a cause worth spending a few hours in the cold for.

Izaak Hecht


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