Thoughts on continuing Turners Falls logo controversy

Monday, January 08, 2018

The desperate controversy regarding the Turners Falls High School Indian logo continues as a challenge to establish a new logo.

Yes, it is a LOGO. T.F.H.S. never had a mascot. I offer this for your consideration. This statement has nothing to do with the people themselves. Let’s scrutinize the word Indian. There’s nothing wrong with the word Indian. We call a certain group of people Indians, because that’s what they are — Indians. For those who would prefer “Native American,” I suggest you look deep into history as to who really are, or if there is such a group as “Native Americans.” Where did they come from?

It’s important to understand that some authors think the word Indian does not necessarily derive from Columbus mistakenly believing that he reached “India.” More likely, these writers have argued, the word or name Indian is derived from Columbus’s description of the people he found upon his arrival in the new world. His command of the Spanish language was weak in regard to speaking or writing. Some say his accounts called the inhabitants “Una gente in Dios,” or “A people in God.” In God. In Dios ... Indians. A noble and respectable word.

Ed Gregory

Greenfield, T.F.H.S class of 1963