Bridge reference

Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Recorder article from Dec. 1 mentions the “Gill-Montague Bridge.” This structure does not exist in those terms. The proper name for the steel that stitches the town of Gill and the village of Turners Falls is in fact the Turners Falls-Gill Bridge. Once again, the Turners Falls-Gill Bridge.

At this writing — as in previous attempts — I would request the Recorder staff, et al., to use the proper name for the bridge. The Turners Falls-Gill Bridge. Turners Falls-Gill Bridge. Turners Falls-Gill Bridge. No matter what title that little plaque on the Gill abutment says — put there by some ignorant Boston official — no matter what the internet says, pay attention to the original large bronze plates that were attached when the bridge was completed in 1938. There’s one on each abutment.

Don’t be like that ignorant Boston official — the Turners Falls-Gill Bridge IS what it is.

Ed Gregory