God cannot exist

Monday, March 05, 2018

Since the enlightenment of the 1960s, our society has been “blessed” with the following argument: All truth is relative. No moral absolutes exist. Therefore, a sovereign, moral, truthful God cannot exist.

Every honest person will admit (albeit to themselves) that at least once in their life they’ve wanted to kill someone; perhaps themselves. So, why didn’t they? If we believe that we are nothing more than matter, the upper crust of a self-existent primordial soup, then why not? If your claim is compassion, should you expect the same from any other form of matter? And if so, we then are a product of fatalism ... do the math.

You can blame Trump, Congress, the NRA, the FBI and gun manufacturers, but the above argument teaches Nikolas Cruz was his own moral agent, and since government cannot legislate morality, and a sovereign, moral god cannot exist, then Cruz became what the serpent told Eve she could be: a god (small ‘g’) without consequence.

Phill Grant