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Praise for Bud Foster

Published: 5/22/2020 1:42:31 PM
Modified: 5/22/2020 1:42:19 PM

Who is Frank “Bud” Foster? Answer: Founder of Foster’s Supermarket, Greenfield. A local example of entrepreneur extraordinaire; retired and currently residing in Arizona. Being a grocer and civic leader was his day job. His passion continued into his music and family and others he knew. A no nonsense employer; full of compassion beyond the norm of altruism.

So, what is this man to me? My uncle, former guardian and boss. After my first birthday, Dad left Mom and I homeless until she remarried. I grew up hating, skipping school, running away from “home,” etc. Uncle Bud considered me one of his social projects and took me into his home.

The theory of child correction in the 1950s was strict discipline and increasing punishment. Just keep pouring it on until the kid either starts going to church or ends up on death row. Mr. Foster did not follow that line of parenting.

Bud was a business man — working much before dawn and far into the night. He kept track of the bottom line and those who worked for him. There were no bad people; just faulty business practices. He felt if he could be a success so could anyone else. Many of his shepherd projects just wanted to break even; Bud couldn’t understand that but honored each one and their choices.

Of all the things he did for me, the best and deepest was his beautiful singing at my wedding one cold January night. My wife, now deceased, was the love of my life. By that time I was a high school grad; a four-year veteran with a good job. Bud Foster brought me that far. Bud called me “pen-man,” because of my years writing letters to the Recorder. I suspect our theology and political persuasions differ somewhat but my appreciation of him is rock solid.

Frank R. Foster II, Happy 100th Birthday! I believe it is better to praise a man on his birthday then to cry at his funeral.

Rev. Phill Grant


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