Keeping the peace

Published: 3/24/2019 9:54:20 AM
Keeping the peace

Will Sillin, on March 16, lamented that the number of “blue” people at his Better Angels meeting far exceeded the “red” people. I am a “red” people and would never attend such a group meeting knowing the deck is likely stacked against me. I would never attend the Leverett version of this for the same reason. No one wants a browbeating for voting for their favorite candidate.

By the way, you can blame the media for painting states red and blue which further separates us all. Its about time they do something to bring us back together.

There is a better way and the Recorder is just the venue. Women’s Day magazine has a column titled Common Ground. Both sides feel they are standing on, at least, level ground. No conversion nor repentance required, and no one-sided “creative editorializing” by the editors. Perhaps readers could respond by posting a “helpful” or “unhelpful” vote.

The Recorder does an excellent job of keeping the peace on Faith Matters and could do so here.

Rev. Phillip Grant


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