Encouraging words on immigrants

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Saturday morning, Jan. 13, on NEPR’s Weekend Edition, Scott Simon made a remarkable statement that nearly moved me to tears. It was in celebration of the immigrants of our country over the course of history.

He began by condemning President Trump’s recent “profane” remark — believing that it wasn’t the specific word he used that was the “profanity,” but the sentiment behind his words following (“why don’t we have more hard-working, white people immigrating here?”) — clearly a demonstration of racism.

Simon went on to say that throughout our history, people have come here — as slaves, captured and forced into hard labor; as refugees, escaping war and other acts of violence; as displaced families, desperate for a home after a natural disaster — and in addition to the natives of this land, these people have suffered from racism here, where we should be welcoming to all who need. He noted that immigrants have contributed to our society, worked and raised families, and have become American citizens.

This was all so beautifully stated in Scott Simon’s words — a bold and heartfelt demonstration of integrity and compassion. This gives me hope, and encouragement to continue to stay true to my convictions and speak my truth to the world. May we all be able to open our hearts and embrace each other as human beings sharing this Earth together.

Emily Gopen