Crowding the sidewalks

Monday, January 22, 2018

I wanted to applaud your recent coverage of all the beautiful transformations that Greenfield is about to undergo. A new library, public service building, garage. The downtown area has a lot to look forward to. However, there remains one serious problem the community needs to grapple with.

I’m talking about the garrulous crowd of misfits that’s always smoking and shouting outside the bar on Chapman Street that’s just down from the Brass Buckle. Morning, noon and night, they’re out there smoking cigarettes and cigars and pot, blocking the sidewalk as I try to go get my scratch tickets.

Can anybody do something about these people? Aren’t there loitering laws? Don’t we have a police department? This eyesore is totally incongruous with the feel of our beautiful downtown.

Not to mention all that smoke is a health hazard!

Rosemary Goldberg