Great experiment called the U.S.A.

Published: 11/26/2019 6:35:29 AM

Thank you, Allen Woods, for your very cogent piece Nov. 20 about seeing the “heart of the American Dream” possibly “crumbling each day under the weight of a damaged President filled with fear and loathing, while he is supported by politicians whose only true goal is re-election.”

Very interesting to use Hunter Thompson’s writings in this way.

I know of him only from afar. But he seems an example of how, for so many of us, the burden of living with eyes wide open can be debilitating in the end. Nonetheless, so much truth can be expressed along that journey.

Thank you for offering such a strong, interesting, and engaging comment on these transformative times we are in. Thank you also for the positive slant your piece gave, with the idea that we can at least take pride right now in doing the right thing.

This may be all that can sustain us now, as we stay informed, and wait to see what will happen next, and what we may be called on next to do, as conscientious citizens of this great experiment called the U.S.A.



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