McClintock’s food column will be missed

Monday, November 06, 2017

It seems a week for retirements — first my long-time vet Victoria Howell, who’s off to Montana, and now Recorder food columnist Mary McClintock.

But in her case it’s for a switch to a new position with Community Action, which I contribute support to and which does such significant work. I had to chuckle reading her new job title — community collaboration coordinator — quite a tongue twister.

I shall greatly miss the weekly columns, which have illuminated so much about the area’s food in so many ways. It also gave me the chance to offer a couple of my recipes to others; the first shortly after I moved here nine years ago, was a melange of fall produce I called Rootsy Tootsy.

Now another autumn turns to winter. I shall always be “savoring the seasons.”

David Fersh