Slow down, Greenfield Police

Published: 8/26/2018 5:00:07 AM
Slow down, Greenfield Police

Thank you Greenfield Police for all you do, but I have to chime in on driving too fast.

My family and I have lived on Leyden Road for 24 years. We are at a dangerous curve, just past Murphy Park, (which is a curve where accidents do happen). Heading north we have to make a left turn into our driveway.

The thought of a speeding car coming around this curve behind us while we are sitting for southbound cars to pass is frightening. There is nowhere for us to go. Please take this into consideration, police officers, as you speed up Leyden Road. Fire trucks and ambulances are able to slow down at this dangerous curve when they are responding to similar situations. Why can’t the police do the same?

To those considerate officers who do slow down, I thank you.

Many times I have had to call the Police Department to ask the officers to slow down. The call seems to work for a month or so, but that is about it. I know these may be life and death situations that you are responding to, but you may be causing another death along the way.

Lucy Fagella


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