‘Protect our community from NIMBY’

Published: 9/11/2019 9:21:41 AM

Recently, a few signs have gone up on lawns on Maple and Bridge streets asking us to “help protect” the “Arms Neighborhood” from Senior Center expansion. I can’t figure out what exactly they need protection from nor have I ever heard of my neighborhood referred to as the Arms neighborhood.

The proposed site of the new center on the Church Street side of the Arms Academy, currently repurposed as the Shelburne Historical Society, is not at all visible to two of the households. Given that immediately adjacent Bridge Street is the main street in the village, perceived danger could not possibly involve traffic or noise — especially considering the number of motorcycles who willfully violate noise ordinances.

As to the other household on Maple, one cannot see the proposed site unless one purposely looks for it — and, even then, would most likely be seen only a protruding corner, probably through the trees from a second-floor window. The other house could not see this site at all.

As to noise, I’m sure that there is more noise when there are games at the softball field on Maple Street.

Traffic? Ditto softball games, events at either the church, the Historical Society, the Arms gymnasium, or the basketball/ tennis courts — where sometimes kids play hoops as late as 2 a.m.: a real nuisance. Sometimes, large funerals at the funeral home on Church Street generate a lot of traffic or parking inconvenience but most likely haven’t generated any complaints.

These existing places mentioned all serve our community as will the Senior Center. So, from what do you need protection so badly that would justify adversely impacting the entire community? Rowdy seniors revving their Rascal scooters and partying until the wee hours of the night? Protect our community from NIMBY!

Ken Eisenstein

Shelburne Falls

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