Self-interest and personal political survival

Published: 7/6/2020 3:27:02 PM

Some observations on Rob Okun’s “My Turn” from June 25. While there may be cause for celebration and hope from any possible chances of impeaching Donald Trump, the underlying details revealed in the article should give us no cause for cheer.

The reasons for the Republican senators cited in his column who declined to show any spine or character during the original impeachment have not changed. The reasons remain craven self-interest and personal political survival, not principles.

All Trump’s missteps, racism, sowing seeds of derision, division and discrimination, thousands of lies, corruption, dismantling our constitution and legal system, debasement of our institutions, degradation of our democratic political system and elections, bullying, treasonous cozying up to dictators and enemies — none of these things (and I could go on and on) — have moved these pathetic, accomplices in destruction to lift a finger or whisper meaningful dissent.

Only when they perceive that the coattails they’ve been so enthusiastic about riding to power now might now lead them to retirement and disgrace do the rats think about donning their life jackets and deserting the sinking ship.

The problem didn’t start with Trump although it has run riot with him. Seeing these unprincipled disgraces shows it will not end with his end either.

Like the old joke, “What do you call 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea? A good start!”

It may be a good start if we take these cowards and others with him. And, it’s not all Republicans? Look at our own U.S. Rep. Richard Neal whose principles, start and end with his personal well-being. He claims that none of the millions of dollars he has taken influence his actions, yet his actions support the corporate and PAC donors consistently while he ignores his constituents.

Time to show him the door, too. Vote for Alex Morse.

Ken Eisenstein

Shelburne Falls


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