Advocating for the DPW facility

Thursday, May 17, 2018

At recent public presentations about the proposed new Montague Department of Public Works facility, a number of residents have asked whether the Montague Energy Committee is involved in the planning. MEC appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the design process. We are very interested in helping to maximize the energy efficiency and cost savings of a new DPW facility.

We are following the planning process closely through direct involvement by one of our members, Jason Burbank, who is a professional in the energy field and is a member of the DPW Planning Committee. Jason reports regularly to MEC on the DPW committee’s process and its discussions of energy issues.

The DPW committee has discussed specific energy-saving designs and measures, and the current design assumes that the roof will be weight-bearing to support solar panels. MEC has discussed and is researching energy-saving construction considerations and technologies with the intention to inform the design process.

We intend to be a resource throughout the development of the facility. MEC expects to help the town to maximize the return on our investment by incorporating design and energy measures that will reduce operating costs of the facility over its planned 50-year life span.

Montague Energy Committee

Chris Mason, chair