Story’s lesson

Published: 9/15/2020 2:15:00 PM

David Siano’s My Turn [“Teacher fails entire class”], published in this paper on Sept. 1 of this year features a story that is meant to instruct readers on how a socialist system of government is destined to fail.

In the account a professor hands out the same letter grade to each student in her class regardless of the degree of effort they have put in as individuals. In the end the slackers in the group drag down the entire group. After all, why work hard if others around you can reap identical rewards while doing nothing?

This cautionary tale would be more impressive if it had actually happened. The truth is that the story about the professor that flunked her class has been (without verifiable details) been kicking around the internet for years.

Now the lesson of the story is a different one: Don’t believe everything you read.

Edward Dowd


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