Safe patient staffing

Friday, October 12, 2018
Safe patient staffing

It’s hard to know which is the biggest fake news these days.

Take the issue of safe patient staffing. I plan to vote YES for safe patient staffing.

That means NO for unsafe patient staffing. Isn’t that what it means when we’re asked to vote NO, that we want unsafe patient staffing? A nurse who worked the night shift back in the day before Baystate acquired Franklin Medical Center, explained that then patient-nurse ratios were six patients to one nurse at night (four patients to a nurse in the day).

“That ratio kept us busy,” she said. The suggestion we vote NO is patently absurd. It’s akin to the fabrication that President Obama was not a U.S. citizen. If this had been true, it meant that everyone in Washington, D.C., even the Republicans, allowed a non-US citizen to occupy the highest position in the country. Really? Think, folks, follow the breadcrumbs. Vote YES for safe patient staffing.

Hazel Dawkins