Northfield officials owe no apologies

Monday, January 22, 2018

As a resident of Northfield, a town of big sky, few fences and presumably good neighbors, I write to support Julia Blyth and Jenny Tufts, who have done admirable work as, respectively, duly elected town official and committee volunteer.

They are steady and quiet in their roles as stewards of the town, land and water. Recently, invited by town officials to participate in a site visit to ensure compliance with a written legal agreement regarding environmental regulations, they were subsequently harshly judged. That they remained silent as advised by counsel in the face of bluster and threat is a testament to their good judgment, appropriate decision making and they owe no one an apology.

This is a matter to be worked out in the Northfield Board of Selectmen meetings. Since Julia and Jenny were told not to speak to the reporter as the matter was still being settled, I am puzzled that the Recorder devoted a full editorial on the basis of half of a story.

Christine Copeland