Don’t let Greenfield’s mayor privatize trash pickup

Friday, January 12, 2018

 The mayor, on New Year’s Day, announced that he is going to try to give the important city services of trash pick-up, recycling and the transfer station to a profit making corporation. This decision is too important to be made without a thorough discussion with the people of Greenfield and the City Council.

These are important city services that run on a non-profit basis, paid for by the people of Greenfield. They include major assets that the people of Greenfield have accumulated over the years. Now the mayor, who may not even have the right to do this on his own, wants to turn this over to a company so they can make a profit, off of the people of Greenfield. There are many important things to talk about before this is put out to bid. How much profit will this company make from the taking over of these services and will they be guaranteed a profit? What will they pay their employees and what benefits will they provide? How much of a reduction in services will there be?

If the city sells off its recycling, and rubbish trucks (as happens in most cases when services are privatized) what will be the cost to buy new equipment if the people of Greenfield are dissatisfied. The mayor says there will be savings of $400,000 to $700,000. Where did he get these figures and from whom? Let’s remember that the contractor would be a profit-making business, and the only way to increase profits are to cut services and/or cut workers.

We do not believe that the City of Greenfield should exist to funnel our money to corporations. The City Council should do everything in its power to stop the mayor from turning our trash services over to some corporate profiteer.

David Cohen

Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution