Cloth diapers

Published: 8/2/2019 8:35:45 AM
Modified: 8/2/2019 8:35:32 AM

There was an article about a diaper drive in the paper recently which started me thinking. Back in 1962 when my first born came into this world there was no such thing as disposable diapers. We went to the factory where diapers were made and bought ends. We brought them home and cut them into diapers and washed them to use on our baby. When she was potty trained, we put them away for the next one. We were living with the in-laws and Mom taught me how to wash diapers in the sink. Yes, they had a washing machine, but Nana insisted I wash them by hand because it was better for the baby. People who had lived through the Depression did things differently and my parents had also lived through the Depression, so I knew what to expect.

By the time the twins came into the world, disposable diapers were invented but the twins were allergic, so they also wore cloth diapers. When you use cloth diapers, you never run out until they get worn out. You don’t have to buy diapers or depend on other people to have diapers. You just need a washing machine, or if you don’t have one, a sink. Much less expensive in the long run. And you could buy cloth diapers. Doesn’t anyone use cloth diapers anymore? Do they even make them anymore?

Darlene B. Clark


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