‘Spoofing phone’ calls need to stop

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Regarding Michael Muller’s “My Turn” column from Jan. 23 on phone scamming, following is a copy of the letters I sent on Jan. 20 to Congressman Richard Neal and Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey:

“Someone is using my name and telephone number to make ‘spoofing’ telemarketing, robo-calls, at least in this area. Apparently, the calls are being made from outside of western Massachusetts, since an area code prefixed the telephone number.

“I have complained to Verizon, but was told that there was nothing they could do about it. The person with whom I talked suggested that I call the FCC, which I did. The FCC told me pretty much the same thing and suggested that I try the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which I did. Again, the FTC commiserated with me, took a lot of personal info, and issued a complaint number (91484969), which they said would be passed on to their attorneys. At this point, I got the feeling that all of this was going to end up in the ‘Great Federal Swamp’ right next to the do-not-call list!

Is there no enforceable federal legislation that can put an end to such ‘spoofing’ telephone practices? Telemarketing phone calls are bad enough, but ‘spoofing’ calls border on identity theft. If left unchecked, I shudder at the possible consequences.”

I’ve since learned that these ‘spoofing’ calls have flooded our town. Like Mr. Muller, one woman had her own name and telephone number show up on her caller-ID.

This has got to stop! And it will if enough constituents make their anger known to our stalwart legislators.

Ray Cassidy