Joyce Phillips a valuable G-M school board voice

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Vote on Monday, May 21.

I would urge voters in Gill and Montague to join me in supporting Joyce Phillips as a candidate for the Gill-Montague School Committee.

I have had the honor to have served with Phillips on the Gill-Montague School committee on two occasions. It was clear then as it is now Phillips’s priority is bringing the highest quality of education to our children by supporting their programs and enhancing opportunities to the teachers that guide our children.

This I have witnessed in Phillips’s support and guidance of the Gill-Montague Educational Fund). Phillips clearly understands state mandates and goal requirements that drive public education, and also the rewards of enhancing the educational program with outside support. Phillips understands the legal educational requirements and mandates as a member of the school board in Massachusetts.

Phillips is not afraid to have her voice heard, even when it differs from administration or fellow board members. She will not be silenced. I believe Phillips hears the opinion of her constituents and will support their views of a strong education that will bring the school district to the forefront once again.

Phillips is keenly aware of the crucial balance needed between funding education and the financial limitation of the communities she serves. I believe Phillips, with the support of a strong School Committee will bring back the school choice funding back into our schools. I ask you to join me in supporting Phillips for financial and scholastic progress and accountability.

Douglas P. Brown