Amused by response

Published: 8/12/2018 5:59:36 AM
Amused by response

I admit I was amused by the responses to my article on diversity since they were so predictable and employed all of the obligatory catch phrases. I was only disappointed by their lack of original thought. Cant quickly jades.

Unsurprisingly, the article anticipated these responses since, at its core, it simply says that people reject those who are different from them. My critics really didn’t have any choice but to respond. It was required of them in order to maintain their standing within their own tribe.

Matthew Crawford says it better than I, so I’ll use his words:

“I think it is fair to say that one’s ability to pronounce the word diversity with a straight face, indeed with sincerity made scrupulously evident, serves as a shibboleth in (its) original sense. It answers the question of whether one wants to continue as a member in good standing of those institutions that secure one’s position in the upper middle class.” (The Hedgehog Review 2018)

I welcome criticism. I welcome diversity, both in thought and action. I’m rather fond of the colorful and varied tribes within the species of man, although I have a healthy respect for the latent violence of tribalism. I do realize that tribes must demand compliance to their core identities or else they lose cohesion and weaken (another theme of that article), so I understand why my article received those particular responses.

But I hope that those responders are savvy enough to understand why they employ their shibboleth and to realize what they lose by isolating themselves on their side of the river.

John Blasiak


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