Greenfield good for going after Big Pharma

Monday, January 08, 2018

I’m writing regarding the article titled “Greenfield sues Big Pharma over opioids” that ran on Thursday, Dec. 14. I’m very pleased to say how happy I am with the choice that Greenfield has made to make a stand on the crisis that not only the town is suffering from, but the whole nation.

Reading the facts stated in the article points out how many people struggle with addiction, but many receive no help at all. I was very impressed with how hard Greenfield is fighting to try and change this epidemic from the root of distribution. The consequences of this epidemic reach so many local people that I can only imagine how many people will hope that these companies can pay for their actions. That nine out of 10 people don’t receive treatment in the town of Greenfield is something I as a person of the community wasn’t aware of, and I hope to see more updates in the future regarding the lawsuit and how it’s moving forward.

The town of Greenfield taking charge on this epidemic and filing this lawsuit is showing strong awareness for our community. I hope more towns decide to do the same to take charge on helping fight the addiction epidemic. I hope this shows people who are struggling with addiction that they deserve help and that they should have easier resources to receive the best treatment possible.

Hayley Black