In support of ‘End of Life’ bill

Monday, February 05, 2018

I was glad to read Tom Wilson’s Jan. 16 letter, which along with your Jan. 4 editorial, urged the Legislature to pass the death with dignity bill.

Officially called “The End of Life Options Act” (H1194), it would make Massachusetts the seventh state, plus Washington, D.C., to offer its citizens with a terminal illness, of sound mind and facing unbearable pain and suffering, the option of a peaceful humane death by self-administering a prescription from their doctor.

I believe this bill has strong safeguards to ensure that no one — including people with disabilities, the frail elderly and the low-income — could be coerced or pressured to end their lives, rather than live longer and seek continued treatment for their terminal illness.

Please join me in contacting the co-chairs of the Joint Public Health Committee: Sen. Jason Lewis at: jason.lewis@masenate.gov or 617-722-1206, and Rep. Kate Hogan at: kate.hogan@mahouse.gov or 617-722-2130.

Urge them to pass H1194 before the Feb. 7 deadline.

John Berkowitz

Northampton. Director, Pioneer Valley Death with Dignity