Cut Eversource some slack

Published: 7/26/2019 10:26:37 AM

The hypocrisy is stunning. If this was a solar panel company spraying vegetation to control growth, not one of the “residents” would be complaining.

Come to think of it, are there any solar panel farms in Ashfield? Or wind turbines?

Cut Eversource some slack. Where else would Ashfield residents get their electricity?

A rebuttal to a Greenfield Recorder editorial a few months ago: The TGP pipeline was stopped because the bottom fell out of natural gas prices when shale gas was discovered in the Midwestern states. The protesters had a marginal effect. Simply, the return on investment evaporated.

Wrongly the editor writes: “Urgently we must wean” ourselves off fossil fuels.

According to a Wall Street Journal article about shale drillers in Texas and New Mexico last year, “roughly $1 million worth of natural gas is burned away every day, going to waste … a practice called flaring. They have no way to move the gas to market because there aren’t enough natural-gas pipelines.”

CO2 is being returned into the Earth’s atmosphere regardless of our actions.

Fear mongering: Wild fires in California, inferring that, if only we here in Franklin County, would turn off our cooking stoves or turn down our thermostats, we can prevent the fires from happening.

According to published reports on the “Camp Fire” in Paradise, Calif., the main fuel feeding the fire wasn’t trees, nor the underbrush; it was buildings. The forest fire became an infrastructure fire. “The cause of the Camp Fire seems obvious: Sparks from a power line ignited a brush fire, which grew and grew as high winds drove it toward the town.”

People are living in places they should not.

We all know climate change exists. It happens every day. However, zealots, want you to believe it is all caused by CO2 emissions. They totally disregard the Earth’s natural climate cycles or other possible factors (sun spot cycles) that contribute to climate change, that we humans have no control over.

Jim Bates


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