Letter: In response to Mr. Bos of Shelburne

Published: 12/1/2019 8:17:37 AM

We/I are not denying climate change, the climate changes minute to minute, day to day, we all know that.

Calling us deniers is also a fallacy. We/I disagree with you that CO2 emissions are 100% completely the cause of what you and others call a “climate crisis.” I do not deny your thoughts and reasoning, you have inalienable rights to them.

I am obviously not a climatologist, nor do I pretend to be one in the newspaper. In my mind they are the only people who can truly comment, with authority, on the world’s climate.

You are totally committed to the theory, a presupposition, that human CO2 emissions are the only cause for a changing climate and/or global warming.

Scientists state that an ice age lasts millions to tens of millions of years. Therefore, the world is still in an ice age and we are in a warming interglacial that began about 11,000 years ago.

There are scientists who propose that sun spots, cyclically, affect the weather on our earth.

I also feel, like many others, there is nothing humans on earth can do to change the climate. The earth takes care of itself.

There are many reasons the climate changes; you seem to have closed your mind regarding these and other factors. You, sir, in fact deny them.

In closing, it is no secret, northeastern states have staunchly opposed new natural gas pipelines into our region. This opposition has resulted in excess natural gas being expelled into the atmosphere by a process called “flaring” (NYT Oct. 20). So no matter what you and I think we are saving here in our own little world, an excess of natural gas, over 1 billion cubic feet each day, is being wasted into thin air. How many PPM of CO2 is that!

Jim Bates


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