Who we truly are

Published: 11/13/2019 9:07:15 AM

The signs are everywhere. The message is clear. But are you really getting it? The root of the problem lies in not knowing who we, humans, collectively and individually truly are.

Along cracks in concrete beautiful vines with big purple flowers proliferate, attracting beautiful butterflies. Out of thick black, seemingly dead lava sprouts forth amazing, beautiful life. Are you the hard concrete, the dark destructive lava, the new life which springs out of it, or all of those things at once?

Humanity is caught in consumerism, the legal system, stunting our growth and blinding us to our inner beauty. Children are needy and selfish, but children are also loving, sharing, kind. Those attributes dominate when nourished. As “adult children” we are in charge of nourishing ourselves. At the core of every spiritual teaching is a fundamental message to better yourself, through right thought, right action.

Spare 20 minutes, longer if you can, go into complete darkness, silence, meditate. Soon the traps of runaway thoughts calm down. With consistent practice, magic, miracles begin. True self, inner life-loving nature, your light within finds its way through the cracks in hard concrete and the selfish, needy child learns to grow up.

Strip away negative thoughts, strip away bad feelings, no matter how difficult. Bit by bit, be kind to yourself, it takes time to change old habits, change old thought patterns. Thinking negative thoughts are not necessary, are damaging to self. Thinking you need anything other than the very simple basics of life-sustaining elements is the root of the destruction of the world around us, because it is the root of destruction of self. You do not need to petition, to protest, to start a campaign. You need to go within and know who you really are, and be.

Deborah Aldrich


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