Baystate, you can do better

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

As your readers know, good nursing makes for better outcomes. This means a better hospital bottom line — greater savings, lower debt, higher referrals, more stable income over time — more than specialists, fancy equipment or famous doctors, which have greater expenses and usually briefer benefits. If Baystate Franklin Medical Center is serious about being a stable institution over the long-term, it’s time to cut the cackle and deal with the Franklin nurses as they are: rational, insightful adults at the top of their field.

There are many ways to meet the needs of both sides. Until now, Baystate would rather fight than deal, using the same predictable, unintelligent, nasty maneuvers you’ll see in every situation so threatening to patients that nurses go on strike. That churlish approach makes for bad fiscal policy and worse care. We can do better.

It’s time for Baystate to come to the table with honest intentions. It’s time to think ahead and fund a better future, instead of trying to justify the wasteful past. I’m an old nurse, chronic patient, the child of financial experts and a data nerd. This IS the reality. I’d like Baystate to face it; they’re old enough.

Isabel Tifft, retired RN