Mary Kay Mattiace: All things theater

Published: 11-19-2023 2:16 PM

Two well-directed and well-performed plays are currently available locally for your inspiration and entertainment.  Each of them, though very different in context, relate to the “now” of our lives, individually and communally.

Greenfield Community College has undertaken a monumental task in bringing us the Pulitzer-prize winning play, “Angels in America Part One:  Millennium Approaches.”  It is brilliantly directed by GCC’s Theater Chair, Tom Geha.  You are treated to a sparklingly dark performance, including exceptional acting, effective staging of space, lighting and the fantastic invisibles.  Performances continue through Nov. 16-18.

Up the road in Putney, Next Stage is host to the Wild Goose players in, “Claire in the Chair in the Cimitìere,” a new play written by Sean Hurley and directed by David Stearns.  Find out if death is the ultimate punchline in this comedy taking place in this “Ronald-Dahl/Edward-Gorey-eque world.”  In the midst of life, they say,  “ there is death.  Or maybe it’s the other way around?”  The play continues through Nov. 17-19.

Mary Kay Mattiace

Montague City

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