Robert W. MacDonald: Approve End of Life Options Act 

Lum3n/via Pexels

Lum3n/via Pexels Lum3n/via Pexels

Published: 10-27-2023 7:45 PM

It seems quite remarkable that a government may allow the life of an unborn to be arbitrarily terminated and disallows an adult to consciously and knowingly choose to end one’s suffering and very existence. Instead, an adult who would choose to terminate their life is required to live on and endure whatever mental or physical pain that follows. And perhaps they would continue to burden their family physically, emotionally, financially and detract from their otherwise happy lifestyle. Stupid?

If the resistance to Compassionate Choice is somehow related to God or religious beliefs, would a compassionate God want someone to suffer and remain in an existence filled with pain and misery and hang this over the head of family members indefinitely? No!

What exactly is the argument against the bill “End of Life Options”? Individual stories about certain situations wherein something good or happy resulted from a prolonged, painful dying period are totally irrelevant in deciding whether an individual has the right to choose their termination date. So too are anecdotes or hypotheticals of possible evil occurring from misuse of the right to choose.

The right to decide and the responsibility for related actions must be clearly understood to rest with the person making the conscious decision or that which has been previously qualified and documented. Assuming compliance with standard operational procedures, it is not the physician, the facility, the government nor anyone else who has authority or bears responsibility for the effects of the decision.

We should not have laws that strip people of their right to choose and force them to endure serious pain and suffering for an undetermined period of time.

Pass the bill and enforce the law.

Robert W. MacDonald