Musings on life 

Published: 03-06-2023 3:02 PM

I used to listen to channel 548 on the television. That honky-tonk music with no words seems to soothe me. Many years ago, I worked in a diner and the juke box was always playing the latest tunes. Then one day I turned on the TV to channel 550 which is light classical music. It was so refreshing I fell asleep to the sounds. When one passes 70, he/she tends to repeat what they previously did. I marveled at what I had discovered, and enjoyed the new music immensely.

On television I enjoyed viewing the Rose Bowl Parade. I also watch Jeopardy! on TV faithfully; it makes me think and sometimes I get the right answers.

In summary, life is a gift from God. One should enjoy every minute. Deliberately taking one’s life is not a great idea! God loves us, but don’t forget the Commandment — “Thou shall not kill.”

We must mention spring, when everything comes to life. The birds sing, the leaves appear on the trees, green grass starts growing on our lawn. Wow, it’s great to be alive.

Good gravy, there’s pizza, plus spare ribs, and the old standby — steak smothered in mushrooms. We need food for sustenance, but is it wrong to enjoy it? O, yes, remember “finger licking chicken.” Try life; you might enjoy it. Try saying, “Hello” to your neighbor. He/she might say, “Hi” back.

Pain comes. Occasionally harsh pain with only moderate remedy. Every day new discoveries are found.

Life is to be lived. John Kennedy hurt his back in an accident. While in the hospital he wrote “Profiles in Courage,” non-fiction book about historical men.

Lew La Chance

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