The power of voting

Published: 6/15/2022 4:50:03 PM
Modified: 6/15/2022 4:47:47 PM

I was born in the 1920s during the Great Depression. In those times the most important thing in life was having a job, and one dollar an hour was considered good pay. One dollar would buy five gallons of gas. The financial world today is mind-boggling. My grandson, who helps me maintain my independent living, was complaining about the cost of things. I told him what he makes now an hour would be a full day’s pay back in the 1950s — what was he crying about? The next day he returned and quipped that I was better off with my 1950s pay than his pay now. An internet check revealed what $100 would buy in the early 50s would cost $1,080 today.

Now I have some new thoughts, not just about finances but about this country in general and its troubles. I remember seeing the movie Wall Street, where the main character in a speech said, “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.” In my day we were taught greed wasn’t good; we were taught that we were a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Now a teenager is allowed to walk into a store and buy rifles that only belong in a war zone. I hear people say, what can we do about it? The defenders of this insanity quote the Constitution. This same document gave us a more powerful weapon, it’s called a vote. So when voting, don’t think about the campaign ads financed by Wall Street greed. Think about how your politicians voted to protect that greed. Think about the millions spent to keep them in power so they retire to a cushy life using our tax money, and then think about those kids shot down at their school desks.

Larry Carey



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