Climate activists irksome 

Published: 2/1/2023 3:36:19 PM
Modified: 2/1/2023 3:36:08 PM

Please! Climate activists stop telling me how to live my life. We are all well aware liberals, especially activists would rather pass a law to control your life. They loath debate or compromise.

The latest “the sky is falling” mantra? Activists want to ban natural gas cook stoves.

Climate activists have a higher chance of an accident-causing personal injury or death driving their EV to the next charging station than using a gas cook stove. There is also a chance of choking eating a hot dog at a family picnic. Will activists ban hot dogs or having a family barbecue?

The U.S. has reduced its C02 emissions by almost 25% in the last 20 years due to the increased use of natural gas. Let’s not forget, the world is on track to miss the greenhouse gas emission targets set up by the IPCC. Don’t fret, the IPCC will just add another 50 years on and move the goal post further away.

Massachusetts reaching net-zero is a sham. Never mind the fact it would have zero affect reducing total U.S. C02 emissions.

If the United States could flick a switch and turn off all C02 emissions forever it would have no affect on the Earth’s climate, unless and until Russia, China, India follow along. No one sees that happening anytime soon.

John Kerry and Barack Obama have homes on Martha’s Vineyard. The last time I looked I did not see any solar panel farms or wind turbines at either location. I would also bet they each have a 500-gallon propane or diesel tank buried (aesthetics of course) on the properties to run a backup generator.

Jim Bates



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