Right to die bill

Friday, October 06, 2017

I just called all our state representatives and senators to tell them I am opposed to the “right to die” bill they are trying to push for another vote.

I am a firm believer in miracles because I see them happen all the time, so I find fault with the condition that “the incurable disease will almost certainly cause death within six months,” stated in a Recorder article from Sept. 27. That word ALMOST has been proven false in many instances, as so many people can testify.

Also, Mr. Diaz (same article) said that “his wife’s only choice was between two forms of dying ... gentle (or) terrifying and filled with ... pain.”

There is a third choice, which is dying in God’s loving arms, with Him strengthening and consoling the person who chooses to offer their suffering to Him. Whenever I’ve asked someone to offer their suffering for a special intention, their face has lit up with the chance to give their pain such a noble purpose. And then I see miracles happen. And God knows, we need a lot of miracles these days. God bless each of you. I am praying for each of you who is suffering. You are never alone.

Claire Heath