Peter Flynn: Questions claim of violence

Glenn Carstens-Peters/StockSnap

Glenn Carstens-Peters/StockSnap Glenn Carstens-Peters/StockSnap

Published: 05-21-2024 4:58 PM

I appreciate that writer Kevin J. Smith is so articulate and able to cogently express his views in our newspaper. I do wonder about some of his facts [“Unwelcome gift in mailbox: A flag that won’t be flying,” Recorder, May 17]. The writer states that “in regards to violence, physical violence and death threats are a standard part of their (the LGBTQ+ community) playbook.” Since this was news to me, I went on a web search for “LGBTQ+ violence.” I certainly found many, many cases of LGBTQ+ persons as victims of violent beatings and death by clearly not LGBTQ+ people. But I couldn’t find a single case of the reverse. Perhaps the writer could explain this discrepancy in the facts in his next missive.

Peter Flynn


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