Trump supporters can’t handle the truth

Published: 2/10/2017 2:19:00 PM

I can not believe some of these letter writers, who complain when you present what is truly going on in Washington.

We have a person as president who is self-described as a sexual predator. Who puts down women, people of color, immigrants, and anyone not like him. He is certainly not a Christian — his God is money. He lost the popular election by 3 million votes, winning only by help from red states who gerrymander and try to prevent minority voting, a corrupt Russian leader, and an FBI director who violated their own stated policy and should be removed.

Then, he packs his administration with unqualified individuals who are billionaires like himself, and almost exclusively male and white, with a few white nationalists thrown in. He is the most un-American president ever — a draft dodger and a tax cheat. The emperor has no clothes and thank you for pointing out the obvious.

He is totally unqualified to hold that office, has values far removed from most Americans, and the mentality of a child. Anyone who asks 3 times, why we don’t use nuclear weapons, should never have his fingers any where near that trigger. I hope we get out of this mess alive. It’s a disgrace to our country.

Ted Johnson



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