Real Estate/Changing Hands, Feb. 9, 2018

Thursday, February 08, 2018

William Davison Elwell and Donna Cranmore Elwell, to William Davison Elwell Investment Trust, William Davison Elwell, Trustee and Donna Cranmore Elwell Investment Trust, Donna Cranmore Elwell, Trustee, of Shelburne Falls. 2081 Baptist Corner Road. $1


Peter S. Melnik of Deerfield and Beth A. Melnik, to Beth A. Melnik. 118 Brattleboro Road. Less than $100


Timothy T. Yeglinski and Karen Lepore-Yeglinski “fka” Karen R. Lepore of Greenfield, to Timothy T. Yeglinski. 1 Sears St. Less than $100

Else H. Miner Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, of Shelburne Falls, Richard C. Miner, individually and Trustee, to Steven J. Andrews, of Halifax, Vt. 65-67 Prospect St. $75,000


Diane E. O’Donnell, to Thomas M. Urell and Sophie J. Williamson, of Montague. 82 Christian Hill Road. $310,000

Christopher Staas and Heather Staas, to Brian D. Godin and Kimberly R. Niedzwiedz, of Greenfield. 21 Heath Road. $175,000


Douglas Blowers, to Arieh Blowers and Michael Alan Kipp. 641 North Poland Road. $220,000

Anita Elise Rymer 2006 Trust, of Santa Fe, N.M., Anita Elise Rymer, Trustee, to Philip E. Bowden and Sean Leah Bowden, of San Diego, Calif. 1230 Main Poland Road. $391,000


John S. Reino & Marie D. Reino Real Estate Trust, John S. Reino and Marie D. Reino, Individually and Trustees, to John M. Reino and JoEllen Reino. 2 Gromacki Ave. $1

Cynthia I. Bielanski, to Erik J. Bielanski, of Millers Falls, and Sara C. Bielanski, of Cambridge. 94 Hillside Road. $1

Malcolm G. Thompson and Bonita Weeks, to Malcolm G. Thompson. River Road, Lot A. $1

Malcolm G. Thompson, to Joseph Strycharz and Carolyn Strycharz, of Hatfield. River Road, Lot A. $105,000

Christine M. Ainsworth, to Mathew Ainsworth and April C. Greene. 400 Greenfield Road. $1

Elizabeth M. Purnell Revocable Trust “aka” Elizabeth M. Purnell Trust, Greenfield Savings Bank, Trustee, to Orion Becker, of Northampton. 14 Saw Mill Plain Road. $257,000

Frederick L. Steiner and Julia L. Bagdon, by NationStar Mortgage, LLC, “dba” Champion Mortgage Co., of Coppell, Texas, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, Trustee. 6 Lee Road. $300,000


James A. Cullen and Anna E. Cullen of Northfield, to David Skorupa and Ayla Skorupa, of Wendell. (No road listed for Erving, land also in Northfield and Warwick). $250,000

Stephanie M. Johnson, to Stephanie M. Johnson and Bradley H. Johnson. 9 North St. $1


Richard S. Wheeler, to Carol Wheeler Conrad, of Clearwater, Fla., and Kathleen Lenore Gregory, of Bloomfield, Colo. 175 Cleveland St. $1

John B. Dunphy, to Travis McKelvey and James Richards. 9 Bowles St. $185,000

Philip Nash and Amanda Nash, of Chelmsford, to Frederick V. Parody Jr. and Nancy C. Parody. 51 Mill St. $25,000

Paul D. Cetto, to Daniel P. Cetto, of Adkins, Texas. 51 Hastings St. $1

Guy L. Stevens and Margaret A. Stevens, to Margaret A. Stevens. 140 Shelburne Road. $1

Helga L. Schmidt, to Parmar Properties North LLC, of Hadley. 1 Wheeler Road & 18 Wheeler Road. $150,000

Cameron T. Gray and Rachael R. Gray, to Heidi Fortin. 31 Silver St. $188,000


Jerome L. Sternstein and Kathryn S. Sternstein, to Kathryn S. Sternstein Trust, Kathryn S. Sternstein and Jerome L. Sternstein, Trustees. 73 Pudding Hollow Road. No Consideration


Gary R. Josefiak, US Bank, NA, Trustee, by attorney, Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc., Attorney, to Michael S. Platek. 191 Number Nine Road. $12,000

Peter W. Hillman, of Colrain, to Butternut Farm, LLC. Sumner Stetson Road. $33,000


Alice E. Field “aka” Alice Field, to Brian Field. 254 Long Plain Road. Less than $100


William J. Beaubien, of Fort Meyers, Fla., to William J. Beaubien Family Trust, “nka” Beaubien Family Revocable Trust, and William J. Beaubien, Trustee. 24 High St. $1.00

KCN Montague Property LLC., to Pacled Properties Inc., of Gill. 77 Eleventh St., Avenue A, and Eleventh Street. $30,000

Keith Mildren, to Cody R. Wells and Kate R. Dobosz. 20 Morris Ave. $200,000

Orrin W. Isles and Susan G. Isles Real Estate Trust, of Colrain, Orrin W. Isles, Trustee, to James P. Corsa and Christina I. Clarke. Marston Alley. $40,000

Steven Keyes, of Whately, to Christian T. Bowman, of Sunderland. 27 Park St. $175,000

Michael P. Fahey and Darlene A. M. Fahey of Easthampton, to Corey M. Sutton. 468 Millers Falls Road. $189,000

Mario Moreno and Maria Carmen Sibrian, to Alfredo Moreno and Luis Moreno. 14 Letourneau Way. $150,000


James A. Cullen and Anna E. Cullen to David Skorupa and Ayla Skorupa, of Wendell. 515 Orange Road. (land also in Erving and Wendell). $250,000

Matthew Shearer, of Gill, to Keith Alan Thornton, of Montague. 595 Mount Hermon Station Road. $1


Derek Catrambone and Sarah Catrambone, to Omar Laza. 31 James Lane. $159,000

Curt M. Littlewood and Angela L. Littlewood, to Curt M. Littlewood. 16 West Orange Road. No Consideration


Matthew H. Packard, of Marietta, Ga., John Packard and Ellynn to John Packard and Ellynn Packard. 47 Stone Hill Road. $1


Philip A. Lemere and Debra A. Lemere, to Christopher W. Cummings and Carolyn M. Cummings, of Chelmsford. 38 North Laurel Drive. $195,000

Kathleen R. Lugosch, to Craig K. Pepin and Cynthia Gerstl-Pepin of Burlington, Vt. 15 Hawks View Road. $598,875


James A. Cullen and Anna E. Cullen of Northfield to David Skorupa and Ayla Skorupa, of Wendell. Quarry Road.(land also in Northfield and Erving). $250,000


Diemand Family Trust, Peter Diemand, Faith Diemand, and Anne Diemand “aka” Anne Diemand Bucci, Trustees, to Peter Albert Joseph Diemand, Faith S. Diemand, and Anne M. Diemand, “aka” Anne M. Diemand Bucci, all of Millers Falls. Morman Hollow Road, and land of B&M Railroad. $1

Diemand Family Trust, Peter Albert Joseph Diemand, Faith S. Diemand, and Anne M. Diemand, “aka” Anne M. Diemand Bucci, Trustees, to Diemand Family Farm, LLC. Mormon Hollow Road, and Land of B&M Railroad. $1


Wilma Brooks, to Wilma Brooks Family Irrevocable Trust of 2018, of Greenfield, Jason Brooks, Trustee. Main Street & 182 Chestnut Plain Road. Less than $100