Real Estate/Changing Hands, Nov. 10, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Cheryl L. Smith, “fka” Cheryl L. Phelps, and Joseph A. Smith, to Cheryl L. Smith and Joseph A. Smith. 30 Shaw Road. $1

US Bank Trust, NA, Trustee, by attorney, Caliber Real Estate Services, LLC, Attorney, to Michael D. Sucharzewski and Randi-Marie Sucharzewski. 379 Bald Mountain Road. $292,000


JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, of Columbus, Ohio, to Nasrollah Khansalar, of Boston. 22 Kendrick Road. $122,167

Seth Wynne and Heather Wynne, to Seth Wynne. 27 School St. $1


David B. Pike and Gloria J. Pike Revocable Trust, of Holyoke, Nancy L. Post, Trustee, to Bannish Land Preserves, Inc, of Chester, Ma. Greenfield Road. $9,800

Carolyn B. Cromack, to Carolyn B. Cromack Revocable Trust, Carolyn B. Cromack, Trustee. 31 Thompson Road. $1


William P. Stathis and Ellen H. Stathis, to Richard Scott Cernak II, and Amy E. Cernak, of Whately. 507 Boyden Road. $432,500

Doris Urch Mead, of Whately, to Benjamin Winsor and Alyssa Winsor, of Sunderland. 150 South Ashfield Road. $275,000

Olympia Luise, of Lynn, “aka” Olympia P. Luise, to Shelburne Falls Road Realty Trust, of Nahant,and Mary Jo Luise Gavin, Trustee. Shelburne Falls Road. No Consideration

Marcy L. Schwartz, “fka” Marcy L. Hanrahan, to Christopher Weinberg and Sara Swartz, of Leeds. 367 Hoosac Road. $413,000


Ronald E. Pike and Elinor L. Britt, to Elron Irrevocable Trust, Bert Pike and Sheila Burnett, both Trustees. 22 Wheelock St., “aka” Lee Street. $1


Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, Trustee, by attorney, Rushmore Loan Management Services, LLC, Attorney, & Christiana Trust, to Aijalon Pyrtel. 14 Orchard St. $130,000

City of Greenfield, “aka” Town of Greenfield, to Green River Homes, LLC, of Northampton. 96-108 Deerfield St. $1

Jeremy E. Wiedenroth, to Melissa A. Caloon. 54 Riddell St., $1

Jeffrey M. Falcon and Kathryn P. Craig, of Providence, R.I. to Karen Shapiro Miller. 324 B Davis St. $133,000

David J. Coutu and Gail B. Hutchins, to Robert LaMond Monte Arnstam and Brooke E. Dillon Arnstam. 946 Bernardston Road. $199,900

Patrick R. Varner, to Jared M. DaGrosa and Patricia A. DaGrosa, of Deerfield. 4 Princeton Terrace, Unit 4 Meadow View Manor Condominiums. $95,000

Baker Two Realty Trust, Joan Baker, Trustee, to Mihail Iavorschi, 6-8 Park Ave. $230,000


Muriel S. Antes, of Conway, to Ralph J. Scalzo and Elizabeth R. Scalzo, of Chatham. Ben Road “aka” Branch Hill Road. $65,000


Randall D. Tevelde and Susan Chang Tse-Feng, to Friends of Leverett Pond, Inc., of Amherst. 72 Montague Road. $1

John Lithgow and Hilary E. Lithgow, of Chapel Hill, N.C. to Donna Rae Gould. 8 Teawaddle Hill Road. $297,000


Layne V. Floyd, to Layne V. Floyd and Letty I. Floyd. 90 Turners Falls Road. $1

Tong Shen and Xiaoping Teng, of Amherst, to Shannon G. Carroll and Anna Seeger, of Wendell. 30 Park St. $54,000

Karen A. Guillette, to Harry Rockland-Miller and Noah J. Rockland-Miller. 37 Union St. $235,000


Eric C. Clukey, Sunny R. Clukey, and Linda L. Clukey, to Eric C. Clukey and Sunny R. Clukey. 168 Blackinton Road. Less Than $100.

Donald S. Robinson Jr., to Felipe Feliciano and Shauna Rohan, of Granby. 716 Daniel Shays Highway. $285,000


David S. Gordon, and Ann Chappell, “aka” Annie Chappell, to Norman B. Tatro and Lee Ann Howe. 179A Main St. $229,900

Bryon R. Gibson, of Leyden, to Leslie Ann Hohengasser, of Greenfield and Bryon R. Gibson. 580 Mount Hermon Station Road. $1

Kimberly A. Alli, to Douglas E. Farrick and Catherine M. Farrick, of Greenfield. 80 Highland Ave. $336,000


Tracy A. Clarke, to Tracy A. Clarke and Diane Pond. 335 North Main St. $1

Tina Manjourea, to Paul R. Marois. 168 Brookside Road. $90,000

William Fredrick Cody and Ciji Ann Cody, to Michael N. Farias. 37 Dexter St. $160,000

Kent C. Lawson, of Bolton and Marcia J. Horman of Athol, to Austin Mercier and Chevyonne S. Mercier. 222 West River St. $160,000

Fannie Mae, by attorney, “aka” Federal National Mortgage Association, by attorney, Harmon Law Offices, PC, Attorney, to David A. Larue, of West Tisbury, Ma. 44 Winter St. $54,900

Jeremy E. Chace, by JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, of Jacksonville, Fla., to JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA. 120 East Road. $112,000


David A. Wissman, of Derby, Vt., to Amanda L. Nash, of Gloucester. 82 Main St. $288,000


David W. Foster and Kathleen Mary Foster of Amherst, to Stephen M. O’Brien and Karin L. O’Brien of Belchertown. 576 West Pelham Road. $435,000

Fannie Mae, “aka” Federal National Mortgage Association, to Jeremy R. Fontaine and Molly K. Fontaine, of Belchertown. 71 Locks Pond Road. $300,000


Dennis Taler Schilling, of Chandler, Ariz., to Christian F. Brown, of Belchertown. 370D Montague Road, Unit 370 D, Pond Ridge Condominium. $92,000

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC., to Valley Building, Co. Inc. 87 South Silver Lane. $155,100


Mary C. Gilman “aka” Mary Cunningham-Gilman, of South Deerfield, to Angeline M. Coburn, of Greenfield. 98 Wendell Road. $171,750

Shannon G. Carroll and Anna Seeger, to Shannon G. Carroll and Anna Seeger. 133 Farley Road. Unit 4, Natrylia Condominiums. $1


Richard Scott Cernak and Amy E. Cernak, to Oleksandr Bryzhaniuk and Natalya Bryzhaniuk, of Greenfield. 221 Haydenville Road. $249,000

Carol Ann G. Olanyk, to Olanyk Family Trust, Carol Ann Griffiths Olanyk, Trustee. 31 North St. Less than $100