Real Estate/Changing Hands, Nov. 4, 2017

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Eugene Shippa, to David Dresser and Tracy Dresser. 67 Turners Falls Road. $154,500

Calvin M. Clark Jr., of Ashfield, and Ryan D. Williams and Emma K. Connelly, of Turners Falls. 27 Fox Hill Road. $196,000


Phillips B. Sherburne and Jo-Anne H. Sherburne, to Kevin A. Worden I and Colleen D. Worden. Greenfield Road. $1

William R. Austin and Joan S. Rockwell, to Brolin M. Winning and Sunshine D. Winning, of Shelburne Falls. 16 Call Road. $199,000

William R. Austin and Joan S. Rockwell, to Eric M. Malloy and Rebecca L. Malloy, of Deerfield. 132 Franklin Hill Road. $470,000


Audrey M. Krusz, to Audrey M. Krusz Investment Trust, Audrey M. Krusz, Trustee, and Lawrence A. Krusz Investment Trust, Lawrence A. Krusz, Trustee. 63 West Hawley Road. $1

Edward D. Regan, of Englewood, Fla., to Farhoud Moshfegh, of Stoughton. Center Heath Road. $117,500


Conway School of Landscape Design Inc, of Easthampton, to David Jonathan Ross and Emily Katherine Richardson, of South Deerfield. 332 South Deerfield Road. $455,000


Bernadette S. Lucas, of Amesbury and Annabelle P. Lucas, to Bernadette S. Lucas. 5 Warner St. $1

George F. Bohrer Jr., and Ronny Ann D. Bohrer, of Ojai, Calif., to David B. Sullivan. 8 North St. $149,000


Thomas L. Valle and Michelle L. Valle, of Erving, to Jennifer R. DeWitt and Maylea R. Spence, of Turners Falls. 69 Maple St. $148,000

Lynn M. O’Sullivan to David A. Schrier and Jessica Pollard. 11 Cooke St. $173,000

Alexander J. Haro and Patricia Serrentino, to Alexander J. Haro Investment Trust, Alexander J. Haro, Trustee, and Patricia Serrentino Investment Trust, Patricia Serrentino, Trustee. 72 Hastings St. $1

Michael J. Harvey of Baltimore, Md., to Meghan S. Carroll. 112 Maple St. $159,570

Dennis J. Lynch and Kum Sun Lynch, to Eugene T. Vanasse. 10 Pine St. $156,000

Linda A. Slattery, to Thomas P. Coughlin and Katie S. Pousont. 141 Montague City Road. $208,000

Dan A. Castine, to Ryan P. Castine and Kelly D. Zraunig. 91 Bungalow Ave. $1

Edward J. Philbrook, by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, of Carrolltown, Texas. 54 Wells St. $84,804


Richard C. Rinaldi, of Walcott, Conn., to Erich J. Holan. Bellor Road. $41,000


Ronald R. Pierce Estate, Sandra L. Pierce, individually and Personal Representative, to Glenn P. LaClaire and Tina M. LaClaire. 365 North Leverett Road. $28,000

Paul T. Weinberg and Barbara D. Stocklin Weinberg, of Englestown, Nova Scotia, Canada, to Richard F. Wagner and Ruth Folchman, of Northampton. 436 Long Plain Road. $285,000


Kelly Ann Casey, “aka” Kelly A. Casey, and Jo-Ann M. Casey, to Jo-Ann M. Casey, Kelly A. Casey and Michael S. Casey. 5 Edward Ave. $1

Diane L. McAvoy, to Robert J. Sostilio and Cynthia Vargas, of Athol. 103 L. St. $119,000

Clare C. Senn, to Lawrence Senn, of Northfield, George Senn, and James Senn. Dry Hill Road. $1

Harold Parent Estate, Parent 2005 Revocable Family Trust, Noreen P. Browning, Trustee and Personal Representative, to Noreen P. Browning and James Browning. 4 Wentworth Ave. Less than $100.


Benjamin P. Ocasio, of Granby. to Gilbert Clark and Fenozka Clark, of Mooresville, N.C. 414 Four Mile Brook Road. $12,037

John M. Lippmann of Jacksonville, Vt., to Tierney Sodders, of South Deerfield. 245 Millers Falls Road. $170,000

Benedetti Investment Trust, Barbara A. Krusiewski, Trustee, to Barbara A. Krusiewski Trust, of Deerfield, Louise J. Hoynoski, Trustee. 410 South Mountain Road. $1


Mary T. Martin Irrevocable Trust, of Willow Grove, Pa., Mary T. Martin, Trustee, to Fairman Holding LLC. 131 Fairman Road. $1

Barbara J. Beach, to Barbara J. Beach and Richard Beach. 144 Fairman Road. $1

Harris Realty Trust, Eric S. Harris and Philip J. Harris, Trustees, to Philip J. Harris. 46-48 Kelton St. $1

Eric S. Harris and Philip J. Harris, to Philip J. Harris. 32 Terrace St. $1


Shelburne Falls Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Shelburne Falls Massachusetts Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses, Michael S. Herzig, Dale R. Putnam and Peter A. Reid, Trustees, to AKM Realty, LLC. 412 Mohawk Trail, Route 2. $170,500


Janice Monaghan, of Ormond Beach, Fla., to Jacquelyn Downey, of Ormond Beach, Fla., and Janice Booth. 43 Briggs Road. $1


David J. Griffin, of Tampa, Fl., to Robert Anthony Petrizzi and Kimberly Brozo, of Hatfield. 188 North Main St. $275,000

Anne Monahan, of Manhattan, N.Y. and Timothy Gilfillan, to Alden J. Geil and Felicia, Spiess, of South Deerfield. 256 North Silver Lane. $180,000

Dorothy Agger-Gupta, of Canada, John A. Krawczyk, of Grants Pass, Or., and Susan M. Krawczyk, to Susan M. Krawczyk. 232 Hadley Road. $1


Janice L. T. Taylor, of Haverhill, Janice R. Talmage, of Haverhill, by attorney, Janice L. T. Taylor, Attorney, and Jo-Ann T. Wenzell, of Tulsa, Okla., and James H. Taylor, to Steven Yvon and Elizabeth Yvon, of South Hadley. 144 Conway Road. $65,000