Real Estate/Changing Hands, Sept. 22, 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fred D. Redeker and Amie M. Redeker, to Rachael Lin Dube, of Hatfield. 186 Lower St. $167,000

Anne C. Judson, to Alexandra H. Brown. 59 State St. $1


Thomas T. Merrigan and Lori A. Shulda-Merrigan, to James J. Andrews and Marla I. Hoyt. 194 Main St. $165,000

James D. Heist Estate, and Sharon R. M. Heist Estate, Robert Freier, individually and Personal Representative, of Indian River, Mich. and James Downs, of Louden, N.H., to James Downs, Leanne W. Downs, and James E. Downs, of Louden, N.H. 1245 Route 2. $15,000


Darrel A. Chase, “aka” Darrel Chase, of Shelburne Falls, to Darrel A. Chase and Cynthia A. Racicot. 14 River street. $1.00


Elaine A. Olszewski Estate, Kathleen A. Jagodzinski, individually and Personal Representative, Nancy J. Haskins, and Jo Ann E. Vachula, to Naka J. Ishii. 5 River Road. $264,000

Pelis Investment Trust, Stanley J. Pelis and Barbara A. Pelis, Trustees, and Walter J. Rudnicki Jr., to Michael L. Reider and Lisa L. Reider. 49 Eastern Ave. $200,000

Alexander D. Ghiselin and Diane Welter, of Northampton, to Daniel Maltby. Keets Road, “aka” Keats Road. $6,000


Carl R. Johnson and Cheryl Johnson, to Maria R. Rubinaccio. 13 East Prospect St. $145,000


Robert Callery, of Halifax, Vt., to Michele A. Pratt, of Greenfield. 2 Oak St. $55,000


James R. Mason, of Hollywood, Fla., and Deborah Ann MacDonald, of Central Caribou, Nova Scotia, Canada, to B. Leena Newcomb, of Montague. 57 Silver St. $120,000

Jonathan D. Russell and Suzette A. Russell, to William P. Stathis and Ellen H. Stathis, of Conway. 40 Canada Hill Road and Wunsch Road. $254,900

William B. Allen, II Revocable Trust, Cortney E. Allen and Heather Allen Grogan, Trustees, to Siri M. Goldberg. 33 Grinnell St. $199,000

James A. Allen and Margaret J. Allen, to Dawn O. Dorsey, Joshua T. Dorsey, & Danika M. Dorsey, of Brooklyn, N.Y. 11-15 High St. $600,000

Amy Swisher, to Karen Murphy and Rosemary Kelleher, of Savannah Ga. 81 Briar Way, Unit 10, Briar Knoll Townhouse Condominium. $150,000

John B. Dunphy and Laura Dushame Dunphy, to Gary A. Newcomb and Jodi P. Falk. 52 Orchard St. $389,900

Jesse J. Hall and Felice E. Hall, to Matthew R. Tamsin. 18 Cypress St. $175,000

Theodore W. Johnson and Mary T. Milay, to Christine G. Wagner. 16 Keegan Lane, Unit 16, College Park Condominiums. $124,000

Donald Gage Pierce Estate. Robert D. Pierce, Personal Representative, of Montague, to Manica Real Estate Trust, Louis D. Manica and Alice M. Manica, Trustees. 4 Sunrise Ave. $220,000

J&R Realty Trust, Joseph Gavegnano and Richard J. Gavegnano, Trustees, to O’Reilly Auto Enterprises, LLC, of Springfield, Mo. 463 Bernardston Road, “aka” 461 Bernardston Road. $750,000

Linda A. Lewandowski, to Adam D. Gleason and Kimberly N. Nelson. 51 Ferrante Ave. $237,750


Donald W. Hadley Jr., and Christine E. Hadley, of South Hadley, to Anthony Coppola, of Newington, Conn., and Jessica N. Hadley, of South Hadley. Mohawk Estates, Lots 24 & 25. $5,000


Harry S. Rockland-Miller, of Montague, to Duncan J. Irschick and Jitnapa Suthikant, of Amherst. 18 Lead Mine Road. $382,900

Douglas R. MacLeod and Marianne MacLeod, to Dennis W. Owens. 156 Cave Hill Road. $509,000


Douglas P. Smith, Jr., to Scott D. Nickerson. 4 Turner St. $109,000

Duane Towne of Northfield, Ellen Kingsbury, of South Deerfield, Dustin Towne, and Venna Parker, to Matthew J. Hins and Cara C. Hins. 457 Millers Falls Road. $190,000

Susan L. Sylvester, to Susan L. Sylvester and Edward Condon. 3 Hannabrooke Lane. $1

Scott M. Kuzmeskus, to Jessica Pivero, of Greenfield. 5 Park St. $161,900


Jed Proujansky and Joan E. Deely, of Leverett, to Eric E. Gradoia and Sandra M. Gradoia. 129 Winchester Road. $245,000

Kenneth P. Nokes, of Vernon, Vt., to Valiante Investment Trust, Mary N. Valiante, Trustee. Railroad Station Road. $1

Kenneth P. Nokes, to Kenneth P. Nokes and Janet L Nokes. Railroad Station Road. $1


Michael J. Verock and Mary L. Verock, to Sheila I. Miranda. 15 Meadow Lane. $152,000

Steven R. Hardy, “aka” Stephen R. Hardy and Danielle L. Hardy, to Greggory H. Kimball. 250 Brookside Road. $133,000

George Lamoureux and Joan Lamoureux, of Eustis, Fla., to Steven R. Hardy and Danielle L. Hardy. 15 Shingle Brook Road. $200,000

Shirley A. Bickford, to Joshua Castiglione and Amanda E. Folger. 26 Daniel Shay’s Highway. $130,000

Mock Realty Trust, Edith Murray Mock, Trustee, to Henry T. Nover and Marta J. Nover. 24-26 Temple Road. $325,000

Sharon L. Prue, to Jason P. Meuse and Lisa A. Meuse. 232 West River St. $1

Richard L. Fairman and Karen A. Fairman, to Stephen R. Hyer and Jean L. Hyer, of Danbury, Conn., Ann D. Richardson and Gary N. Hyer of Pelham, N.Y. Camp Road. $6,000

Kimberly Jo Bernier, “fka” Kimberly Sullivan, of Erving, to Fred L. Heyes. 110 West Orange Road. $37,000


Gordon M. Glier, to David Freitas and Mark Naccarato, of Bloomfield, Conn. 271 Old Greenfield Road, “aka” Old Mohawk Trail. $537,000


Robert A. Hemmer and Javier Corrales, to Laurie L. Nelson, of Amherst. 4 Pomeroy Lane, Unit 4B, Buttonball Meadow Condo. $320,000


Jan E. Regan, of Geneva, N.Y., to Charles Johnson and Lyn Johnson. Fisk Road, “aka” South Holden Road. $10,000


Ronald C. Grogan and Brenda Grogan, to Phelan Lyman. 71 Mormon Hollow Road. $49,900