Property transfers, Aug. 4, 2017

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Steven M. Johnson and Mary Jane Johnson to Steven M. Johnson, Mary Jane Johnson and Thomas E. Johnson, the latter being of South Deerfield. 2155 Conway Road. $1


Richard L. Wahlstrom, of Dunnellon, Fl., to Sara Shores. 8 Center St. $115,000


Summit Distributing, LLC, of Lebanon, N. H., to ALIVYA, LLC. 195 State St. $580,000

George L. Dole and Xian Dole, of Amherst, to George L. Dole. 45 Upper St. No Consideration


Joan R. Schwartz, to Thomas Utterback and Donna Gilman, of South Deerfield. 45 Upper Baptist Hill Road. $329,000

Peter A. Bravmann, to Pixie J. Holbrook. South Shirkshire Road. $75,000


Judith A. D’Antonio, to Brandon T. D’Antonio, of Hatfield, Cara B. D’Antonio, of Enfield, Conn., and Courtney G. D’Antonio. 4 Plain Road. Unit A, Mill Village West Condominium &, Unit 3A, Mill Village West Condominium. $1

James D. Wholey and Diantha J. Wholey, to Betsy T. Wholey Osell, and Martha J. Wholey. South Shelburne Road. $1

Evelyn Prucnal, by attorney, Nancy DeFrancesco, Attorney, of Westminster, Md., to Juan Jose Gonzalez and Tracy Zaniewski. 17 King Philip Ave. $265,000

Donald J. Goscenski and Linda M. Goscenski, “aka” Linda Marie Goscenski, of Leverett, to Wesley J. Goscenski of Leverett, and Tiffany A. Goscenski, in Greenfield. South Main Street. $1


Ronald D. Kenney, of Nokomis, Fla., and Carol L. Hilton, of Rutland, to Franklin Technical School Building Society, Inc. Central Street and Forest Street. $20,000


Samuel H. Clarke and Amanda S. Clarke, “fka” Amanda S. Abramson, to Matthew P. Moretti and Rebecca S. Moretti, of Turners Falls. 38 Shattuck Street. $205,000

US Bank Trust, NA, Trustee, by attorney, Caliber Home Loans, Inc., Attorney, to Donald W. Miller, of Turners Falls. 88 Davis St. $49,900

Eddie Martinez II, and Christina Martinez, to Ryan A. Lambert and Alexis R. Lambert. 27 Severance St. $165,000

S&V Realty, LLC, of South Deerfield, to Buff Beagle Holdings, LLC. 330 Chapman St. $390,000

Walter L. Gagne Jr., and Lisa M. Gagne, to Nathan M. Bundy, and Jessica S. Pardoe, of Deerfield. 19 Lillian St. $208,000


Frank N. Rife Revocable Trust, Frank N. Rife, Trustee, to Philip S. Khoury Trust, Philip S. Khoury and Beth B. Raffeld, Trustees. 48 Amherst Road. $825,000


Marjorie A. Warriner, by attorney, John E. Warriner, Attorney, to Marjorie A. Warriner Family Trust, of Williamsburg, John E. Warriner and Bonnie L. Roberge, Trustees. East Hill Road. $1


Rocky River Realty Co., of Berlin, Conn., to Western Massachusetts Electric Co., “dba” Eversource Energy. Millers Falls Road. $330,000

Robert R. May, to Douglas Simon, of Wendell. East Chestnut Hill Road, Lot 2. $20,000


Oak Leaf Realty, Inc., to Thomas J. Doane. Stone Hill Road. $1


Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Trustee, by attorney, Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC, of Colorado, Attorney, to Timothy C. Fish. 79 Caldwell Road. $99,500

Timothy C. Fish of Greenfield, to Douglas R. Fish and Stacey A. Fish, of Bernardston. 79 Caldwell Road. $1

Shane J. Burek and Valencia M. Burek, “aka” Valencia Burek, to Shane J. Burek. 507 Mount Hermon Station Road. No Consideration

SKRE Holdings, LLC, of New Ipswich, N.H., to James E. Greenlaw. 740 Gulf Road. $167,500


Joshua A. Page and Lindsey M. Page, to Leonard P. Kasanoff and Barbara A. Kasanoff. 420 Mayo Road. $310,000

Sarah E. McMaster, to Robert D. Lovering, of Bernardston. 73 Wheeler Avenue. $159,900

Thomas Paul Kelleher Estate, of Arizona, Sandra M. Kelleher, Personal Representative, and Timothy Shaun Kelleher and Paula A. Wunder, to John S. Hanna, of Roxbury. East Road. $150,000

Currier Road Holdings, LLC, of New Hampshire, to Theodore Boulet. 160 Winter St. $160,000

John S. Hanna of Boston to O East Road Realty Trust of West Roxbury and John S. Hanna, Trustee. East Road. $1

Gerald J. Trudeau and Susan Trudeau, by Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Trustee, by attorney, Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, Attorney, to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Trustee. 90 Memorial Drive. $134,121

Ronald A. Petrain and Kay J. Petrain, to Ronald A. Petrain and Kay J. Petrain. 23 Victor Ave. $1


Cynthia A. Baldwin, of Townsend, Kathleen R. Burrows, of Greenfield, Henry J. Dandeneau, of Rowe, Thomas F. Dandeneau, of Westfield, and Marie E. Zomek, of Huntington, to Henry J. Dandeneau and Evelyn L. Dandeneau. Leshures Road. $20,264


Mary C. Leger, Trustee, Louis H. Leger, & Rosanne M. Leger, of Essex, Ct., to Matthew Thomson Popoli and Paula Traub Popoli, of Mamaroneck, N.Y. 54 Patten Road. $1,400,000

James D. Wholey and Diantha J. Wholey, to Betsy T. Wholey Osell, of Conway, and Martha J. Wholey. 435 Bardwells Ferry Road. $1

James D. Wholey and Diantha J. Wholey, to Betsy T. Wholey Osell, and Martha J. Wholey. South Shelburne Road. $1

Mark R. Cadran, to Mark R. Cadran and Terra M. Cadran. 25 Tower Road. $1


Mark O. Fellows, and Jeannette H. Fellows, to Chase Hill, LLC. 74 Chase Hill Road & Athol Road. $475,000


Oliver G. Rich and Emily M. Rich, of Northampton, to Brant Cheikes and Janine Papesh, of Belchertown. 25 Grey Oak Lane. $537,300

JAWK Inc., of South Deerfield, to James M. Camposeo and Lori J. Camposeo, of Florence. Grey Oak Lane, Lot 14. $105,000

Michael R. Morawski Estate, Mary Lou Morawski, Personal Representative, of Sebastian, Fla., to Mary Lou Morawski, of Florida, Michael R. Morawski, Jr., & Andrea Morawski “aka” Andrea Warchol, of South Deerfield. 149 Long Plain Road. No Consideration