Real Estate/Changing Hands, Oct. 27, 2017

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Peter T. Curtis and Barbara B. Curtis, to Murray Road Trust, of Westfield, Nancy Twohig, Trustee. 828 & 837 Murray Road. $600,000


Julian J. Leh and Janice A. Leh, to Janice A. Leh. 900 Brattleboro Road and 908 Brattleboro Road. $1

Doreen Gexler to Peter Santiago of Greenfield. 127 Hillcrest Drive. $220,000

Sharon Ann Constantine, “fka” Sharon Ann Snow, Avis A. Jenkins, and Debra Miller “fka” Debra Sue Jenkins, to Robert A. Deane and Valerie K. Deane. Northfield Road and Shaw Road. $14,000


Scott L. Gagnon and Doris A. Mercure-Gagnon, of Shelburne Falls, to Donald G. Paye and Carole A. Paye. Conway Road. $65,001


Richard A. Cunningham Estate, Michael R. Cunningham of Northfield, Individually & Personal Representative, David Cunningham, of Mankato, Minn., and Sarah Dudenhoeffer, of Eagle, Colo., to Sunrise Farms. 336 Legate Hill Road. $110,000


Jon E. Storm, of South Deerfield, and Denise J. Storm, to Denise J. Storm. 826 Graves Road, “aka” Ed Graves Road. $1

Thomas C. O’Brien and Pamela S. O’Brien, to Elise L. Starr Revocable Trust, of Florence, Elise L. Starr, Trustee. 244 Whately Road. $542,000


Daniel W. Barowy and Karen M. Gingras, to Michael D. Dupuis and Gail M. Dupuis. 137 North Main St. $279,000

Robert F. Schilling Jr., and Debra J. Schilling, of Crestview, Fla., to Raymond H. Goodrow III, of Sunderland. 1A Duncan Drive, Unit 2, Meadows Condominiums. $233,000

John P. Paciorek and Sharyn A. Paciorek, to Quabbin ACM LLC of Springfield. 31 Elm St. $650,000


Cheryl Ann Pienkos, of Westfield, Chanda Waryas Welles, of Turners Falls, “fka” Chanda Waryas O’Keefe and Sandra Jean Niedzwiedz, to Donna J. Flagg, of Millers Falls. 8 Park St. $120,000

Corina B. Bezio, by attorney, Irene Sandreson, Attorney, and Mary A. LaPerriere and Linda M. Zilinski, to Neil M. Stebbins and Nichole Stebbins. 27 Maple Ave. $149,900


Martin E. Skuse Jr., and Jeanne Skuse, to Martin E. Skuse Jr., & Jeanne Skuse Revocable Donor Trust, Martin E. Skuse Jr., and Jeanne Skuse, Trustees 117 Center Road. Less than $100


Elaine P. Burek Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Donna Randall Lacey, Trustee, to John Burek and Kathleen Burek, of Montague. 148 Conway St. $155,000

Brady B. Merrigan, to John F. Merrigan. 17 Hastings St. and 127 Franklin St. $1

Julian J. Leh and Janice A. Leh, of Bernardston to Steven J. Leh Trust, and Janice A. Leh, Trustee, of Bernardston. 13 Grant St. $1

Walter F. Reid Estate, Debra Demers, of Turners Falls, Personal Representative, to Douglas P. Smith Jr., of Lake Pleasant. 72 Graves Road. $160,000

Franklin County Community Development Corporation, to Pioneer Cooperative of Franklin County Inc. 121-123 Conway St. $1

Franklin County Community Development Corporation to Pioneer Cooperative of Franklin County Inc. and Franklin County Community Development. 12 Summit Ave. $1

Frederick G. Ebeling and Joan F. Ebeling, to Barbara E. Baldwin, of Northfield, and Karen K. Waterman, of Longmeadow. 23 Riddell St. $1

Christian Robert Traceski, US Bank Trust, NA, Trustee, by attorney, Orlans, PC, Attorney, to US Bank Trust, NA, Trustee. 80 Beech St. $130,919

Thomas M. Bardsley and Lisa L. Bardsley, by Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, of Coral Gables, Fla., to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC. 51-53 Place Terrace. $107,800

Corinne I. Gougeon, “aka” Corrine I. Gougeon, “aka” Corine I. Gougeon, to Susan E. Laing. 47 Phillips St. $164,000

PDV, Inc. to Jennifer A. Gross, of Wendell. 7 Linden Ave. $105,000

Zachariah Zajac, of Chesterfield to Dawn M. Leahy of South Sherman, Conn. 34 Phillips St. $78,000

Jennifer R. DeWitt, of Turners Falls, to Jeffery Murdock, of Colrain. 52 Union St. $176,000


Daniel Newell, to Marshall W. Sisson and Kathryn A. Sisson. 25 I St. $122,000

William J. Doyle and Kelly M. Doyle to Elinor Janvrin. 39 X St. $140,000


W. Michael Yohan, to Patrick P. Zephyr and Lisa K. Zephyr, of Pelham. East Main Street and North Main Street. $80,000


Dawn M. Kazokas, to Dawn M. Kazokas and James W. Kazokas. 54 New Plain Road. $1

Jason H. Clemons, by Pingora Loan Servicing, LLC, of Ewing, N.J., to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, of Texas. 69 Pine St. $164,000

Susan B. Lloyd, “fka” Susan L. Sibilia, to Jesse J. Morgan IV, and Molly Morgan. 288 Birnam Road. $221,000

Jack D. Curtiss, Robert R. Carey, and John C. Gates to John J. Schuster and Martha A. Rullman. Pratt Hollow Road. $6,000


Normand Biron and Shawnne Biron, of Barre, to Andrei Agapov, of Millers Falls. 80 East Road. $6,000

John E. Holston, to Jeffrey Holston Supplemental Needs Trust, John E. Holston, Trustee. 29 Sherman Ave. $1

Barbara J. Beach to Chane M. Ricko. 18 Summer St. $1

John P. Wilson, “aka” John Wilson, by JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, to North Quabbin Brook Realty Trust, Peter A. Gerry and Rifet Hasanbasic, Trustees. 310 Walnut Hill Road. $106,000

Adele Mehr, to David N. Ingram and Mary Janice Ingram. 125 South Main St. $215,000

Michael J. McCaie, of Marlborough, and Casey Cheskey McCaie, to Adam Ploof, of Petersham. 2 Leonard St. $104,250

Stacy L. Gebo, of Durham, N. C., to Federal National Mortgage Association, of Texas. 170 East Road, Unit 1, East Road Condominiums. $97,383

Steven J. LaCouture, to Leonard L. Lenois and Hannah V. Lenois. 10 Athol Road. $118,400

Roland E. Woodbury Jr., to Carol A. Woodbury. 22 Grove St. Less than $100

Robert A. Rivers Irrevocable Trust, Lucy R. Whitmarsh, Trustee, to Robert Charkowsky Jr., of Ludlow, N.J., and Brenda S. Woodbury. 91 West Myrtle St., “fka” 89A West Myrtle St. $168,000

Kenneth A. Gulliver, to Nova Taylor-Wheeler. 25 Eddy St. $133,500


Jacob A. Richardson, of Colrain, James T. Richardson and Nancy E. Richardson, to Alyssa J. Collins of Greenfield. Bardwells Ferry Road. $1

James T. Richardson, to Amber R. Richardson. Bardwells Ferry Road. $1


Debra Cote, “aka” Debra A. Cote, to Robert Moss and Catherine Moss, of Granby. 64 Pratt Corner Road. $265,000

Jody A. Shapiro, “aka” Jody Shapiro, to Jody A. Shapiro Declaration of Trust, Jody A. Shapiro, Trustee. 50 Cushman Road. $1

Rebecca Edelson, to Robert Price. 386 Pelham Hill Road. Less than $100


Edwin S. Skribiski Sr., to John M. Skribiski and Lauri A. Skribiski. 180 River Road. $130,000

North Main 121 Realty Trust, David E. Krock and Sharon Stanton, both Trustees, to Emily C. Pettit 2017 Trust, Emily C. Pettit, Trustee. 121 North Main St. $550,000

Virginia Richardson, of Jamestown, R.I., to Gary Briere and Maureen Briere. 299 Falls Road. $145,300


David F. Jackson, by Greenfield Savings Bank, to USA Department of Agriculture, and USA Farm Service Agency. 72 River Road. $250,425