Property transfers, July 20, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Frances P. Crown Estate, Martha A. Senn, Personal Representative, to Robert J. Odenbaugh, of Greenfield. Keets Brook Road. $25,000

Barry N. Anderson and Margaret R. Anderson, to Anderson Investment Trust, Barry N. Anderson and Margaret R. Anderson, Trustees. 155 West Mountain Road. $1

Dennis Rezendes Trust, Comerica Bank & Trust, NA, Trustee, to Comerica Bank & Trust NA, Trustee. 367 West Mountain Road. $1


Catherine M. Snyder, to Alexander D. Meade and Clarissa E. Spawn, of Lexington, Ky. 30 School St. $285,000


Joel Warner Garofalo, to William R. Childs and Donna K. Childs of Greenfield. 91 Main St. $18,000

Hal K. Schechterle, to Brandon T. Long and Amy B. Long, of Greenfield. 42 Burrington Road. $235,000


Lawrence G. Kent and Cynthia D. Kent, to Lawrence G. Kent. 303 Main Road. $1

Nelson R. Tetreault, to John Michael Kain and Lynn Ann Kain. Underwood Hill Road. $1

Scott J. Sarich and Rebecca E. Sarich, to Peter E. Taussig and Linda Jeanne Baker-Cimini, of West Stockbridge. 200 Ed Clark Road. $201,000


David I. Chichester and Elaine F. Chichester, to Robert J. Morena, of Greenfield. 368 Newhall Road. $468,000


Kevin A. Wissmann and Stacy S. Wissmann, to Kirk J. Woodring and Valerie Telega, of Leeds. 10 Mountain Road. $427,000

Donald F. Moro and Frances A. Moro, to Kevin A. Wissmann and Stacy S. Wissmann. 34 King Philip Ave. $345,000

Thomas Utterback and Donna M. Gilman, to David S. Lawless and Catherine M. Snyder, of Buckland. 11 Sugarloaf St. $289,000

Carol C. Corron, of Sutton, James C. Parda of Coventry, Ct., Steven F. Parda of Waukesha, Wis., Chester J. Parda, & Kathryn B. Parda to Timothy O. Guy and Karen M. Guy. 6 Gromacki Ave., “fka” 4 Gromacki Ave. $264,000

Welcome Investment Trust, Beverly A. Welcome, Trustee, to Beverly A. Welcome. 360 Upper Road, “fka” 96 Upper Road. $1

Cynthia L. Tuttle “fka” Cynthia L. Hall, to Deerfield Academy, Trustee. 608 Greenfield Road. $250,000

Michael L. Zabre, of Harwick, to TwoFeathers Properties, LLC, of Greenfield. 707 Greenfield Road. $159,000


Kevin Anderson, of Northfield, to Jeanne C. Black, of Northfield. Murdock Hill Road. $1


Francis Becchetti, of Buckland, to Matthew S. Jaksik and Kate E. Jaksik, of Northampton. 20½ Beech St. $180,000

Jody I. Wilcox, of Mendon, Vt., and Irene J. Armienti to Paul A. Grimard and Tamara Grimard. 69 Shattuck St. $177,000

Ethier Management, Inc. to Alan D. Wallace and Barbara Watson, of Gill. 52 Emily Lane, Unit 52, Birches Condominium. $240,000

Cara Morano, to Jason F. Ostroski. 726 Colrain Road. $1

Anne E. Vaughn, to Vaughn-Pavone Investment Trust, Anne E. Vaughn and Peter P. Pavone, both Trustees. 3A Huntington Circle. Unit 8A, Huntington Green Condominium. $1

Jennica Petrik-Huff, of Delmar, N.Y., and Carrieanne Petrik-Huff, of Monterey to Garrett Connelly. 24 Cypress St. $170,000

Jane L. Abbott Revocable Trust, Jane L. Abbott, Trustee, to David I. Chichester and Elaine F. Chichester, of Conway. 72 Silver Crest Lane, Unit 26, Silver Crest Condominium. $320,000

USA, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, of Washington, D.C., to Eric Sadler. 271 Silver St. $88,130


Gretchen M. Nartowicz Estate, of Easthampton, and Kurt A. Blaha of Winnabow, N.C., individually and Personal Representative, to Nicole E. Nartowicz, of South Deerfield. 2 Waterfall Drive. $1

Roger R. LeBlanc and Ella Jane LeBlanc, of Southbridge, to Kathleen Mulligan, of Colrain. 9 Teepee Lane. $56,000


Mary P. Aubrey and Nancy K. Kent, to Nicholas Frederic Gaubinger and Amy Ling Gaubinger, of Suffield, Conn. 19 Drummer Hill Road. $585,000


Anthony J. Romano and Linda M. I. Romano, of Gloucester, to Ricki Newman-Benzie, of Hendersonville, N.C. 135 George Lamb Road. $297,500


Gary M. Stratton, of Hinsdale, N.H., to Donna J. Stratton. 90 South Prospect St. $1

Donna J. Stratton, to Bryan G. Hobbs and Tyler G. Hobbs, of Greenfield. 90 South Prospect St. $85,000

Donovan A. Parker, of Northampton, to Jarad Weeks. 29 Greenfield Road. $235,000

Rocky River Realty Co., of Connecticut, to Eversource Energy and Western Massachusetts Electric, Co., of Springfield. Millers Falls Road. $260,000


Peter Vanderpoel and Theresa Vanderpoel, to Duke Lee Lewis and Kim Lewis, of Hopkinton. 56 Wendell Road. $265,000


Jacquelyn R. Deane, of Derwood, Md., John G. Deane of Bozeman, Mont., Roland E. Deane Jr., of Three Forks, Mont., Maralee H. Harry, “fka” Maralee H. Stevens, of Goshen, and Jefferey F. Deane, to William A. Richardson and Judith Richardson. 2 Adams Road. $129,000

Kevin Anderson, to Jeanne C. Black. Murdock Hill Road. $1


Daniel J. Farrell Jr., to Haunted Hill LLC. 73 Ball Terrace, “nka” 73 Ball St. $1

Sean Bardsley to Lauren Boudreau. 37 Highland Ave. $150,000

Branden S. McMiller and Kimberly McMiller, to Dale R. Livingston and Kristy A. C. Livingston. 66 Battle St., Unit 2, Battle Street Condominium. $161,500

Paul D. Gervais and Kelli Bixby Gervais, to Robert A. Woodard and Kristie M. Woodard. 330 South Main St. $215,000


Michael D. Parry and Barbara N. Parry, to Bruce A. Biagi and Patricia Yacovone-Biagi, of Charlemont. 474 Little Mohawk Road, & Little Mohawk Road. $228,500


Northwest Realty LLC, of Westfield, to Sergio N. Caldieri and Leah Caldieri, of Northampton. Leonard Road, Lots 6 & 7. $100,000


Kenneth G. MacDicken, of Monroe, Wash., and Raquel MacDicken, “fka” Raquel M. Batingan, to Christopher Tejirian, of Arlington, Va. 62 South Plain Road. $305,000


Kenneth E. Handfield Jr., of Uxbridge to Donald N. Bates and Roxanne Dunn. 283 Long Plain Road. $272,000

Robert Boone and Susan L. Boone of Whately, to Northampton City. Dry Hill Road (& land elsewhere). $253,250