Property Transfers, Aug. 11, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Nelson Howes and Dorothy Howes, to Robert Paul Williamson. 396 Buckland Road. $195,000


Wysk Family Nominee Trust, John Wysk, and Joseph Wysk, “aka” Joseph D. Wysk, Trustees, to Eric Vassar, of Gill. Martindale Road. Lot 3. $51,400


James T. Bauerlein and Kathleen J. Fekete Bauerlein, “aka” Kathleen Fekete Bauerlein, to Bauerlein Investment Trust, of Shelburne Falls, James T. Bauerlein and Kathleen J. Fekete Bauerlein, Trustees. 21 Goodnow Road. $1

James T. Bauerlein, “aka” James Theodore Bauerlein, to Bauerlein Investment Trust, Kathleen J. Fekete Bauerlein and James T. Bauerlein Trustees. Goodnow Road. $1

Linda A. Merritt, of Bronx, N.Y., to Alica S. Levey, of Astoria, N.Y. 146 Bray Road. $358,700


Mary B. Collins Estate, Mary Bethany Collins Estate, and Mary Schubert-Lee Estate, of Rowe, Linda A. Ziemba, Personal Representative, to Charles J. Crosier. 77 Rowe Road. $139,000


Ronald J. Hebert, Marilyn J. Hebert and Jean-Baptiste Hebert, to Jean-Baptiste Hebert. 65 Hillside Road. $1

Anne D. Rogers Trust, Bank of America, NA, Trustee, & Trustee of Marion K. Davenport Living Trust, to Theodore J. Low and Barbara S. Low. River Road. $1

Theodore J. Low and Barbara S. Low, to Catherine V. Carija. River Road. $90,000

Ronald J. Hebert and Marilyn J. Hebert, to Jean-Baptiste Hebert. 69 Hillside Road. $1

Ronald J. Hebert and Marilyn J. Hebert, to Jean-Baptiste Hebert. 71 Hillside Road. $1

Martha Brulotte, of Greenfield, to Peter Brulotte Jr., and Susan E. Brulotte. 61 Steam Mill Road. $1


Angelina E. Adie Irrevocable Trust, Allan D. Adie Jr., of Northfield, and Susan G. Sibley, Trustees, to Angelina E. Adie of Greenfield. 9-11 Walnut St., “fka” Walnut Avenue. No Consideration


John F. Martin, Darlene Chickosky and Janell F. Bauer, to Gary Wisby and Sarah Wisby. 17 Power Square. $139,500

Elizabeth C. Bedaw, of Bernardston, and Joanne S. Whiteman, “fka” Joanne S. Behan, to Joanne S. Whiteman. 623 Leyden Road. $1

Samuel R. Dean Jr., to Michele A. Detour and Mary E. McEneany. 592 Leyden Road. $12,000

Christopher M. Goodwin and Cheryl D. Goodwin, to Isaac Larry Sherman Galeas, of San Martin, Honduras. 720 Bernardston Road. $400,000

Martha E. Brulotte, to Peter Brulotte Jr., of Colrain, and Susan E. Brulotte. 20 Sunset Square. $1


Mary E. Shaffer, to Shaffer Investment Trust, Mary E. Shaffer, Trustee. 21 Plainfield Road. $1


Diana L. Campbell Revocable Trust, Diana L. Campbell, Trustee, to Thomas H. Friedman and Mary Ryan. Camp Road. $1

US Bank Trust, NA, Trustee, by attorney, Caliber Real Estate Services, LLC, Attorney, to Barbara Schwartz, of Sag Harbor, N.Y. 416 Long Plain Road. $112,500


Jon H. Waidlich, to Jon H. Waidlich Revocable Living Trust, Jon H. Waidlich, Trustee. 135 East Mineral Road. $1

Clifford Konold and Amy W. Robinson, to Peter E. Bent Trust — 2012, Peter E. Bent, Trustee, and Anne C. Bent Trust — 2012, Anne C. Bent, Trustee. 96 East Taylor Hill Road. $312,500

Albina A. Pluta Trust, Susan A. Okula, Trustee, to Rajani Lamichhane Acharya and Kiran Acharya. 21 Dell St. $199,000

Richard S. Arnold, Diane M. Arnold, Diane M. Bak, and Jane A. Kuzontkoski, to Joey R. Skaza and Joan Marie Wilson. 60 G St. $165,000

Kevin J. Richotte and Kara A. Richotte, to Kara A. Richotte. 39 Randall Road. $1

Pioneer Valley Redevelopers, LLC, to Beau Webster and Sheila Webster of Shutesbury. 55 Eleventh St. $127,000

Barbara A. Rivet, to David Michael Shea and Whytne Raye Stover, of Greenfield. 39 Grove St. $249,000


Ronald H. Graves and Patricia A. Graves, to Timothy K. Zingler. 715 Mount Hermon Station Road. $165,000

Timothy P. Umscheid, to Cynthia F. Channing. 33 Hamilton Drive. $174,900


Brian J. Gannon and Shawnna R. Gannon, “aka” Shawna R. Gannon, “fka” Shawnna R. Cetto, to Kathryn M. Ahearn. 77 High St. $155,000

VAG USA, LLC, of Milwaukee, Wis., to JASH USA, Inc. of Stafford, Texas. 46 Mill St. $1,600,000

Weldon Hendricks, of Athol, to Larry D. Macomber, Sr., and Lisa Macomber. 23 Tully Road. $32,500

Jeffrey M. McCorquodale and Carol A. McCorquodale, “fka” Carol A. Ratcliffe, to Carol A. McCorquodale. 31 Mattawa Circle. $1


Dennis W. Kuehl and Suzanne Kuehl, to Andrew D. Kuehl. 43 Middletown Hill Road. $195,000

Carl E. Hervieux and Carlene H. Hervieux, “aka” Charlene H. Hervieux, of Springfield, to Carl & Charlene Hervieux Family Irrevocable Trust, Deborah M. Hervieux, of Woodstock Valley, Conn., Trustee. 195 Ford Hill Road. $1


James M. Downs Jr., to James M. Downs Jr., and Patricia S. Clements. 51 Water St. $1

Michael L. Skalski, of Ashfield, to Chester Rogers and Gina L. Williams. Main Street, Lot 1. $50,000


Daniel J. Olanyk, to Daniel J. Olanyk and Deborah M. Wilder. 58 Old Amherst Road. $1


Bruce Carr Estate, Debra Carlson, Personal Representative, to James D. VanValkenburgh and Suzanne M. VanValkenburgh. 315 Athol Road. $230,000


JAWK, Inc. of South Deerfield, to Brian M. Margolis and Anne T. Margolis, of Florence. Frances Way, Lot 32. $105,000

Robert H. Cumming Jr., Funding Trust, Robert H. Cumming Jr. individually & Trustee, to Robert H. Cumming Jr. 342 Haydenville Road. $1