Real Estate/Changing Hands, Sept. 8, 2017

Thursday, September 07, 2017

David A. Soucie, Karen Soucie, and Karen Klimash, all of Henrico, Va., to Noah Hoffenberg and Megan Amaral Hoffenberg. 615 Old Stage Road. $310,000

Robert M. Davidson and Stefanie L. Russell, of New York, N.Y., to Jason W. Rasku and Iris C. Vicencio Rasku, of Greenfield. 844 Spruce Corner Road. $320,000


Steven A. Shippa, of Berryville, Va., and Kathryn J. Page of Leyden, to Eugene Shippa. 67 Turners Falls Road. $1

James D. Trill and Wendy Trill, to Maddox J. Sprengel and Helen M. Sprengel, of Portland, Ore. 7 Library St. $214,000

Michael E. Abbott, of Dracut to Michael E. Abbott and Sharon Abbott, of Northfield. 363 Fox Hill Road and Couch Brook Road. $1


Dennis D. Smith, of Land O’Lakes, Fla., to Matthew C. Haskins and Chianne P. Hubert. 12 Martin Road. $223,000


Riston E. Donelson and Sarah N. Cook, to Riston E. Donelson, of Shelburne. 313 West Oxbow Road. $1

Verne W. Bissell Trust, Verne W. Bissell, individually and Trustee, to Daniel J. Brisson and Jean M. Brisson. 25 Heath Stage Terrace. $205,000


A. Hale Johnson, to A. Hale Johnson Revocable Trust, A. Hale Johnson, Trustee. Franklin Hill Road and Barber Hill Road. $1

Constitution Properties LLC, of Randolph to Jason Raymond. 10 High St. $25,000

Paul K. Mealy, to Mark S. Crossman and Tina M. Crossman. 268 Main Road. $82,500

Mark S. Powers, to Mark S. Powers and Tammie W. Powers. 314 Thompson Road. $1


Brian W. Burke and Carolyn R. Burke, to Veronique C. Blanchard, of South Hadley. 86 River St. $225,000


John M. Southergill and Meredith T. Southergill, to Jade R. King, of Hatfield. 50 Eastern Ave. $190,740

Mark E. Pichette and Nathalie McCormick, to Mark E. Pichette and Nathalie McCormick. 5 Eastern Ave. $1

Nancy J. Hrynyshyn, to Nancy J. Hrynyshyn and William J. Babock Jr. 28 Thayer Road. $1


James N. Thurber and Ruthanne Thurber, Bank of New York Mellon, Trustee, by attorney, “fka” Bank of New York, New Penn Financial LLC, Attorney, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, Attorney, to Jeffrey M. Klepadlo. 8 Central St. $97,000

Paul E. Bacon, of Ashfield, and Gary W. Kolakoski, of South Deerfield, to Paul E. Bacon Revocable Trust, Paul E. Bacon, Trustee, and Gary W. Kolakoski. 9 Pleasant St. $1


Jacob D. Davenport and Joanne E. Baker, to Joanne E. Baker. 130 Munson St. $1

Louis J. Bordeaux and Heather M. Bordeaux of Bernardston, to Joanne B. Hoyt, of Northampton. 28 Silver St. $158,500

JPMorgan Chase Bank. NA, of Columbus, Ohio, to Aleta R. Smith. 112 Fairview Street East. $128,000

New Beginning Homes, LLC, to Timothy D. Smith LaClaire and Johanna E. Miner. 102 James St. $189,000

Daniel J. Brisson and Jean Marie Brisson to Iomay Caban Gleason. 229 Silver St. $167,000

Jason W. Rasku and Iris Vicencio-Rasku, to Shawn Cypher and Naomi Cypher. 50 Conway St. $145,800

Ann K. Twohig, to Daniel J. Stafford and Katherine E. Stafford, of South Deerfield. 211 Green River Road. $174,500

Theresa Jenoure, of Northfield and Michael O’Bannon, to Natascia M. Pica and Tanya Rubins. 45 Birch St. $169,900

Fannie Mae, “aka” Federal National Mortgage Association, by attorney, Harmon Law Offices, PC, Attorney, to Joseph P. George Jr., and Stephanie A. George, of Northfield. 102 High St. $75,000

Shannon L. Guilbault, “fka” Shannon L. Shruhan, and Cody P. Guilbault, to Aleah M. Diemand. 14 Laurel St. $142,000

Taco Bell of America LLC., of Irvine, Calif., to BenEllie Property Management, LLC, of Windham, Maine. 242 Mohawk Trail. $1,000,000

Ariel S. Gallantbernstein and Elhadji Ba, of Middlebury, Vt., to Christopher Tottser and Rose E. Ferrari. 15 Valley View Drive. $259,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Trustee, by attorney, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, Attorney, to Matthew Foskett. 200 Elm St. $31,000

Susan W. Crapo 2007 Trust, Pamela McKinney, of Boston, and Patricia J. Crapo, of Leyden, both Trustees, to Garrett D. Connelly. 84 Congress St. $125,500

Beverly A. Roder, Peoples United Bank, NA, “fka” Peoples United Bank, to Wen Zhen Lin, of Turners Falls. 239 High St. $61,950

Marie A. Noga Estate, Anne M. Noga and Martha J. Smith, both Personal Representatives, to Anne M. Noga, of Salem and Martha J. Smith. 153 Silver St. No Consideration

Helen G. Martin Estate, Lenore H. Gaudet and Cheryl A. Carley, both Personal Representatives, to Lenore H. Gaudet and Cheryl A. Carley, of Northfield. 433 Mohawk Trail No Consideration

Helen G. Martin Estate, Lenore H. Gaudet and Cheryl A. Carley, both Personal Representatives, to Lenore H. Gaudet and Cheryl A. Carley. Mohawk Trail. No Consideration


Shirley A. Hyytinen, “aka” Shirley Hyytinen, to Sidehill Farm LLC. 9 Hunt Road. $226,000


Carol J. Chagnon, of Athol, to Michael D. Smith and Jennifer M. Smith, of Springfield. Mohawk Estates. $4,300


Elizabeth Hopkins, “aka” Libby Hopkins, to Bobbi Hopkins and Carolyn A. McGill, of Amherst. 219 Montague Road. $230,000


Robert H. Barnes, by Conservator, “aka” Robert H. Barnes Jr., by Conservator, Michael Hooker, Conservator, to Angel P. Donovan, of Shutesbury. 43 Coolidge Ave. $105,000

Joanne M. O’Neil, Ryan Ghazey and Kira O. Bona, the latter being of Dedham, to C. Walker Korby and Amber Korby. 54 Old Stage Road. $212,500

Holly E. Anderson, of West Cummington, to Philip M. Grandin and Megan E. Grandin, of Grafton. 30 Union St. $309,000

John B. Rittall Jr. and Debra J. Rittall, to Michael L. Prentice and Lynn S. Duggan, of Bloomington, Ind. 323 Federal St. $422,000


Glen T. Lyman, “aka” Glen Lyman, and Rose M. Lyman, “aka” Rosemary Lyman, to Justin D. Lyman and Jon G. Lyman. 75 Whitaker Road. $1


Pamela S. Haskins, of Springfield, to Phillips B. Sherburne and Jo-Anne H. Sherburne, of Colrain. 20 Pine Road. $121,000

David R. Pierce, by Peoples United Bank, NA, “fka” Peoples United Bank, Chittenden Trust Co., Mortgage Service Center, to Western New England Trust, VIII, of Greenfield, David C. Brooks, Trustee. 258 Old Wendell Road. $72,450


Chase Family Trust, Janice Fennelly, Trustee, and Jean K. Chase to Anne M. Loiselle. 332 North Main St. $185,000

Craig Blanchard and Hannah Blanchard, to Daniel J. Paras. 511 East River St. $230,500

Thomas G. Loseman and Becky J. Loseman, of Los Angeles, Calif., to Thomas G. & Becky J. Loseman 2017 Revocable Trust, of California, Thomas G. Loseman and Becky J. Loseman, Trustees. 40 Stone Valley Road East. No Consideration

US Bank, NA, Trustee, by attorney, NationStar Mortgage, LLC, Attorney, to Keith M. Waters, of Allston. 116 West Orange Road. $76,000

Richard E. Baldic Estate, Joey A. Baldic, Personal Representative, to Elizabeth A. Cardona. 43 Adams St. $103,000


Evelyn L. Bohonowicz, to William J. Bohonowicz Jr., of Norwich, Conn. 1A Little Mohawk Road. $1


Patricia J. Vittum, to Patricia J. Vittum Revocable Trust, Patricia J. Vittum and Laurel Jean Brocklesby, Trustees.74 Kulessa Cross Road. $1


Thomas J. Tyminski and Danika L. Tyminski, of Bernardston, to Melinda Nutter. 10 Rush Road. $175,000

John J. Masson Jr. and Barbara Masson, of Conway, to Claude Masson. 37 Kentfield Road. $1


JAWK Inc. of South Deerfield, to William F. Lemon Jr., “dba” Custom Design Builders, of Monson. Eastwood Lane, Lot 44. $105,000