Property transfers, July 13, 2014

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kathleen B. Kerivan, to Samuel P. Perkins and Charlotte H. Perkins. 502 Bug Hill Road. $597,000


William O. Field and Eileen F. Field, to Deborah S. Underwood. 23 Gill Road. $1

Mark D. St. Hilaire and Christy B. St. Hilaire, of LeHigh Acres, Fla., to Stanley K. Wood and Elizabeth S. Wood of Northampton. 42 Merrifield Road & Merrifield Road. $241,000


Parsons Investment Trust, David T. Parsons and Paula C. Parsons, Trustees, to Paul S. Kuzeja and Mara N. Silver. North Street. $3,000


Russell A. Barnes, “aka” Russell Alan Barnes and Janice L. Barnes, to Tammie C. Barnes, of Norway, Joanne L. Barnes, of Bernardston, and Michael R. Barnes and Lisa P. Barnes. 38 Archambo Road & 43 Archambo Road. $1


David Scott Barker and Janet D. Ryan, “aka” Janet Dean Ryan, “aka” Janet B. Ryan, “aka” Janet Barker Ryan, “aka” Janet Dean Barker Ryan, to South Deerfield Water Supply District. Roaring Brook Road. $95,000

William J. Sheehan and Katherine Robertson, to Carol Betsch and Robin Karson. Maple Street. $150,000


Rene W. Fifield, Dorothy L. Fifield, by attorney, Rene W. Fifield, Attorney, to Susanne Recos of Amherst. 44 Graves St., “fka” 137 Graves St. $225,000

Lynn F. Viles, of Westfield, Timothy F. Viles and Amanda M. Viles, to Aaron C. White and Abigail R. Vayda, of Turners Falls. 14A, Boynton Road East. Unit 2A Mountainview Condominium. $198,000


Peggy Marchant of Longmeadow, to Anthony F. Manzi. 20 French King Highway. $30,000


Christopher M. Holden, of Middleton, Conn., Jeffrey H. Holden, of Kodiak, Alaska, and Paul E. Holden, of Amherst, to Paul R. Sievert and Lynnette Leidy Sievert. Mountain Road. $39,000


Greenfield KMW LLC, to Oleg Petcu. 108 Verde Drive. $77,000

Alberta M. Tolin Irrevocable Trust, Sharon E. Tully, Trustee, to Kori Ann Ferris. 15 Jefferson Ave. $229,900

Ivan Grail, of Bernardston and Christina M. O’Dea “aka” Christina Marie Grail, to Christina M. O’Dea “aka” Christina Marie Grail. 63 Harrison Ave. $1

MA Home Buyers, LLC, of Chicopee, to Amanda Hale-Doyle. 30 Cedar Glen Circle, Unit B-30, Greenfield Town Homes Condo. $148,000

Rian D. Graves and Joanne M. Graves to Edward L. Howle and Wyatt B. Howle. 505 Lampblack Road. $285,000

Timothy J. Dunn and Marjorie J. Dunn, “fka” Marjorie J. Love, to Rian D. Graves and Joanne M. Graves. 65 Lovers Lane. $254,000

Megan Edson, of Erving, to MLE RE Enterprises. 52 French King Highway. $1

Lillian J. Greene Estate, Gary A. Greene, Personal Representative, to James and Lillian Greene Living Trust, Gary A. Greene, Trustee. 94 Meridian St. Less than $100.

James M. Greene Estate, Gary A. Greene, Individually, Trustee and Personal Representative; also Individually, Trustee & Personal Represent-ative of the James and Lillian Greene Living Trust, and of the James and Lillian Greene Nominee Trust, to David T. Hildt and Kate Broughton, of Amesbury. 94 Meridian St. $257,500

Alan J. Tatro Living Trust and Deborah T. Voland Living Trust, Alan J. Tatro and Deborah T. Voland, Individually and Trustees, to Elizabeth A. Moreland, of Shelburne Falls.18 Mary Potter Lane. $283,250

Federal National Mortgage Association, by attorney, Fannie Mae, by attorney, Orlans, PC, Attorney, to James D. Whitney, of Bernardston. 14 Barton Heights. $72,500


Peter A. Nice and Lisa M. Nice, of Birmingham, Ala., to Julian Nickerson and Samantha Marsh, of Amherst. 124 Jackson Hill Road. $282,000

Charles H. Dauchy Jr., and Judith A. Weinthaler, to Kristin L. W. Colbert, “aka” Kristin Colbert, and Melissa L. Colbert, “aka” Melissa Colbert, of Medford. 24 Old Long Plain Road. $415,000


Beverley A. Von Kries, to Beverley A. Von Kries Revocable Trust, Beverley A. Von Kries, Trustee. 438 Federal St. $1

Orange Park Management, LLC, to Orange Park Management, LLC, of Chicopee. 18 Central St. $150,000

Richey Scott Travis of Amherst, and Erin MacEachen Travis, to Erin MacEachen Travis. 381 Federal St. $1

Wendy J. Potyrala, to Wendy J. Potyrala and Marsha L. Potyrala. 137 Meadow Road. $1

Rosemarie A. Basile and Carol J. Noyes of Provincetown, to Matthew R. Lord and Kathleen G. Berry, of Somerville. 59 Center St. $303,000

Allen Fowler, of Greenfield, to Sumwin Corporation, of Gill. 58 Central St. $185,000

Prof-2013-S3 Legal Title Trust, by attorney, U.S. Bank NA, Trustee, Fay Servicing, LLC, Attorney, to Lauren M. Bennett. 37 Davis St. $108,700

Nora J. McAuliffe, “aka” Nora McAuliffe, to Tyler M. Pless and Katherine J. Sacco. 14 Marshall St. $268,700

Mary E. Carignan, to Tricia Carignan. 24 O St. No Consideration


Joseph G. Sinagra and Maryellen Sinagra, to Gregory G. Gould. 35 Orange Road. $245,000


Northfield Campus, LLC, of Alpharetta, Ga., to Moody Center, Inc. Main Street, Moody Street and Winchester Road. A Charitable Intent.

John Keith Tolley and Esmeralda Tolley, to Keri Gauvin. 10 Myrtle St. $255,000


Ross L. LeBlanc, to Ross L. LeBlanc and Michelle L. LeBlanc. 36 Brookside Road. $1

Richard A. Jess, Sr. and Tina M. Jess, to Nathan Buiwit and Catherine Thebeau. 26 Second St. $50,000


Laurie A. Ford and Barbara M. Meehan, to Diane Keedy-Pisko, of Amherst. 4A Pomeroy Lane. $259,900

Paul B. Stewart and Laurie Stewart, of Boxford, to Adam J. Dahl and Laura B. Attanasio, of Sewanee, Tenn. 410 Hadley Road. $325,900

M. Irene Hamill Estate, Valerie Heim, Personal Representative, to Hui Kuang Hsieh. 24 Old Amherst Road. $225,000

John S. Klisenbauer Estate, Daniel F. Graves, Personal Representative, to James J. Toth, of Greenfield. 248 Silver Lane. $188,000

Richard W. Peterson, to Sunghoon Lee and Hyojin Wang, of Amherst. 19 Meadowbrook Drive. $308,000


Virginia D. Hubbard, of Erving, to Lawrence A. Kilroy and Andrea J. Kilroy. 176 Orange Road. $35,000