Real Estate/Changing Hands, June 30, 2017

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lucy B. Leete, to Lucy B. Leete and Kristen A. Elmes. 1333 Hawley Road. $1

Paul C. Rice, of Arizona, Pamela M. Wrisley, of Shelburne Falls and Penelope M. Mollison to Stephen M. Burke, of Buckland. 50 Creamery Road. $125,000


Ronald M. Andrews, “aka” Ronald Andrews, and Suzanne L. Andrews, “aka” Suzanne Andrews, to Suzanne L. Andrews. 19 West Mountain Road. $1

Ronald M. Andrews, “aka” Ronald Milton Andrews, Suzanne L. Andrews, “aka” Suzanne Lee Andrews, to Suzanne L. Andrews. 242 Bald Mountain Road & lot B-Bald Mountain Road. $1


Essential Power Massachusetts, LLC, of Princeton, N.J., to Nautilus Hydro, LLC of Charlotte, N.C. Gardner Falls Hydro Station. Less than $100

Judy Ann Harlow, to Harlow Investment Trust, Judy Ann Harlow, Trustee. 46 Crittenden Hill Road. $1


Daniel J. Girard, to Daniel J. Girard and Olivia J. H. Girard. 25A Thunder Mountain Road, Unit A, Thunder Mountain Condominium. $1

Kevin Purington, to Roberta Purington of Heath and Kevin Purington. 16 South St. $1


John M. Peters “aka” John M. Peters Sr., and Valeda R. Peters, to Peters Investment Trust, John M. Peters and Valeda R. Peters, Trustees. 98 Nelson Road. $1

John M. Peters and Valeda R. Peters, to Peters Investment Trust, John M. Peters and Valeda R. Peters, Trustees. 88 Nelson Road. $1

Pauline Barker Trust, Michael J. Barker and Reed D. Barker, of Gorham, Me., Trustees, to Charles A. Tierney III, and Gina M. Onushco, of Mount Hermon. 128 North Green River Road. $75,000


Alan Singer and Cynthia Lawton-Singer, to Revocable Indenture of Trust of Cynthia Lawton-Singer, Cynthia Lawton-Singer, Trustee. 2101 Roaring Brook Road. No Consideration

Martha Pauig, by Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Trustee, by attorney, Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, Attorney, to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Trustee. 411 South Shirkshire Road. $177,850

Baldwin Boutiette Investment Trust, Sally A. Boutiette, Trustee, to Sally A. Boutiette. 77 Elmer Corner Road. $1


Kevin Shepard and Tarah Watson-Shepard, to Kenneth E. Carson and Kimberly J. Carson, of Florence. 315 Conway Road. $273,000

Junghee Cho “fka” Jung Hee Ku and Kyung Ho Cho, to Andrew Diruzza and Mo Xu. 21 Crestview Drive. $677,000

Vesh Development, LLC, to Store Master Funding, X, LLC.

141 Greenfield Road. $2,000,000


James M. Hackett, “aka” James Hackett, and Laurie M. Hackett, of Greenfield to Ruben Garcia and Melanie L. Garcia of Amherst. 65 High Street. $277,000


Helen M. Blanchard, by Wells Fargo Bank, NA, to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, of Fort Mill, S.C. 5 West Gill Road. $165,000

Gregg K. Mullens and Theresa A. Mullens, to Levey Living Trust, Leslie B. Levey and Kathleen M. Levey, Trustees. 11 Deer Run Lane. $420,000

Rafaela C. Calicchio, to Adam B. Feldman and Rhonda K. Winegarner, of Hinsdale, N. H. 2 Setback Lane. $325,000


Alan P. Laus and Mary Jane Laus, to Maria J. Heidenreich. 87 Meadow Lane. $288,000

Frank R. Mitchell and Patricia J. Mitchell of Northampton, to Randi Capri Mollenberg. 20 Clark St. $77,000

Kaitlin A. Williams of Turners Falls, to Timothy J. Dolan. 77 Hope St. $5,342

Leander A. Magee Estate, “aka” Leander E. Magee Estate, Wayne Magee, of Onset, Personal Representative, to David W. Brady and Patricia M. Brady, of Bernardston. 205 Country-Side. Unit 205, Country-Side Condominium. $176,000

Studio Junction LLC, of Brooklyn, N.Y., to Abercrombie Greenfield, LLC. 56 Bank Road & Bank Row. $220,000

Jerry S. Moore and Winfield S. Hall, to Maura M. Morrison, of Claremount, N.H. 50 Gold St. $230,000

Sohail Waien, to 2Orchard, LLC. 2 Orchard St. Less than $100

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, by attorney, Harmon Law Offices PC, Attorney, to Philippe M. C. Antoine and Marsha G. Antoine, of Marshfield. 15 Frederick St. $90,500


George Harris and Katherine S. Harris, of Jamesville, N.Y., to Lynne-Marie Reveliotis, of Blackstone. 16 Ledge Road, “fka” 6 Ledges Road. 220,000

Maria Sisum, to William Southers. 1 Papoose Lake Drive. No Consideration


Blair Maerowitz and Rose Marie McMahan, of Amherst, to Joel W. Jukiro and Allissa T. Jukiro, of Northampton. 473 Long Plain Road. $279,000


Vincent L. Renaud, Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, of Boston, by attorney, Sarah T. Fitzpatrick, Attorney, to Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, of Boston. 24 Coolidge Ave. $121,975

Henry Komosa, of Deerfield, to Alan P. Laus and Elizabeth Laus, of Greenfield. 12 Sunderland Road. $308,000

Norman J. Seymour and Eileen M. Seymour, to Eileen M. Seymour. 9 Lyman St. $1

Phillip J. Szenher and Nancy J. Szenher, of Rehoboth, to Denton J. Smith III Investment Trust and Marsha J. Smith Investment Trust, Denton J. Smith III and Marsha J. Smith, Trustees. Mormon Hollow Road. $17,000


Karen M. Powers, “fka” Karen M. Wallman, by Lowell LaPorte, of Shelburne, to Lowell LaPorte. 710 Daniel Shays Highway. $45,000


Sean Joseph Conlon and Erica Colleen Conlon, to Michael John Doherty, of Central Islip, N.Y. 804 Pine Meadow Road. $240,000


TD Bank, NA, to Katherine Erwin and Kirsten Spencer, of Athol. 24-28 South Main St. $59,000

Leo P. Melanson, to Leo P. Melanson and Rachel M. Porter. 15 Oaklawn Ave. $1

Karen Doubleday, to Karen Doubleday, Roxann Cormier and Tracy A. Flaherty. 295 Holtshire Road. $1

Roxann Cormier of Gill, Karen Doubleday and Tracy A. Flaherty to Tracy A. Flaherty. 295 Holtshire Road. $1

Steven A. Talbot, Jr. and Jaime L. Ollendorf-Talbot to Jaime L. Ollendorf. 185 Memory Lane. $1

Suzanne M. Patrick, of Franklin to Michael V. Goodman and Emily Gilmore, of Weymouth. Winter Street. $11,000

Michael Gorzkowicz, to Michael F. Gorzkowicz and Jennifer A. Fontaine. 665 East River St. $1

Karen E. Allen, of Gardner, to Kim E. Dumont. 3 Sandrah Drive. $135,000


Essential Power Massachusetts, LLC, of Princeton, N.J., to Nautilus Hydro LLC, of Charlotte, N.C. Gardner Falls Hydro Station. Less than $100


Jaime Campbell Morton, to Todd Tietchen and Melissa Hudasko, of Northampton. 20 Great Pines Drive. $175,000

Ruth Flohr “fka” Ruth Uchiyama, of Wendell, to Wootton Family Trust, Tom Montgomery Wootton Jr., and Phyllis Gouslin Wootton, Trustees. 12 Old Egypt Road. $330,000

Thomas R. Kearns 2011 Family Trust, Thomas R. Kearns, Trustee, to Todd E. Jansen and Heather Edwards, of Pelham. 27 Wendell Road. $285,000


Peter M. Telega, of South Deerfield, to Shannon L. Telega Kendrick and Michelle L. Boisvert, of Hadley. Hadley Road. $1

Joseph M. Sabol and Barbara A. Sabol, to Sabol Family Trust, Joseph M. Sabol and Barbara A. Sabol, Trustees. 125 North Plain Road. $1

Joseph M. Graziadei and Bethany B. Graziadei, to Lindsay Berry, of Hadley. 6B Karen Drive, Unit 6B, Buttonball Meadow Condo. $325,000

Raymond H. Goodrow III, and Michelle M. Goodrow, of South Deerfield, to Beth A. Bidlack and Linda S. Ronan, of New York N.Y. 189 Plumtree Road. $349,900

Roberta Issler, to Eileen Claveloux. 4D Pomeroy Lane, Unit 4D Buttonball Meadow Condominium. $257,000


Ann Lankarge, to Tyler M. Bates and Jenna M. Gagnon, of Amherst. 284 Long Plain Road. $279,000

Paul Duga, of Hatfield, to Mark C. Pierce and Shauna L. Pierce. 17 Laurel Mountain Road. $270,000

Steven T. Hoffman and Bonnie E. Hoffman, to Michael J. Vallee and Jamie Vallee of Delray Beach Fla. 125 Haydenville Road. $383,100