Land Transfers, June 22, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Albert L. Pieropan Investment Trust, and of Elice D. Pieropan Investment Trust, Albert L. Pieropan, individually and Trustee, to Luke Meyer, Susan Mailler, and India D’Arthenay-Adams, all of Conway. 69B Pfersick Road. $261,000

Franklin B. Wickwire Revocable Trust, William E. Hart, of Amherst, Trustee, and Mary B. Wickwire, Trustee, to Mary B. Wickwire. 110 Bug Hill Road. Less than $100.

Walter D. Zalenski, Sr., “aka” Walter D. Zalenski, of South Deerfield, to Willis J. Thayer and Patricia A. Thayer. Baptist Corner Road. $50,000

John Ratte and Lou Ratte, to Robert J. Barba and Mary Rebecca Bradshaw, of Williamsburg. 846 West Road. $342,000


Lisa Powell of Ashfield and Lori May Streeter, of Greenfield, to Lisa Powell and Drew Powell. 20 Walker Road. $60,000


Ivis H. Russell Estate, Phylis H. Dacey, Personal Representative, to Matthew McKenzie and Kim Mckenzie. 23 Warfield Road. $82,000


Noah Grunberg and Janet Mullen, of Shelburne, to Laurie J. Francis, of Arlington. 434 Main Road. $298,000


Mildred Green, of New Hampshire, and Jaime Recore Jackman, “fka” Jaime Recore, to Jaime Recore Jackman. 34 Mathews Road. $1

Safirowicz Investment Trust, Richard J. Safirowicz, Trustee, to Deborah Sokoloski. Sand Gully Road. $80,000

Edith H. Ostrowski Estate, Jennifer Mikaelian, Executor and Personal Representative, to Stanley Ostrowski. 42 Conway St. No Consideration

Edith H. Ostrowski Estate, Jennifer Mikaelian, Executor and Personal Representative, to Jennifer Mikaelian, of South Hadley. 18 King Philip Avenue. No Consideration

William E. Lewis Trust, of Warren, Conn., and Sandra E. Lewis Trust, William E. Lewis and Sandra E. Lewis, Trustees, to Timothy F. Viles and Amanda Viles. 199 Stillwater Road. $275,000

Andres Galperin and Denise Galperin, of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Fenwick, LLP. 46 Old Main St. $1,500,000


Arthur A. Kaczenski and Sandra R. Kaczenski, to Arthur A. Kaczenski, II. Rose Lane. Less than $100.

Sandra Kahn Estate, Brian Kahn, Personal Representative, to Jessica A. St. Amand, of Easthampton. 90 Mountain Road. $120,000


Mildred Green, of Spofford, N.H. and Samantha Torres, to Samantha Torres. 145 Silver St. $1

Greenfield, KMW LLC, to Philip Dumas and Debra L. Dumas of Montague. 116 Verde Drive. $80,000

Store Master Funding VII, LLC, of Delaware, to Store Master Funding, IX, LLC, of Delaware. 46 Greenfield St. $2,019,277

Michelle Swinington, of Holyoke and William J. Swinington Jr., to William J. Swinington Jr.. 273 Chapman St. $1

Rosemary von Schlegell, of Amherst, to Zachary Shaun Browne. 82 Devens St. Love and Affection

Michael W. Clarke, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, Trustee, by attorney, “dba” Christina Trust, Orlans, PC, Attorney, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, Trustee, Christina Trust. 8 Laurel St. $146,300


Christopher H. Randall, of Concord, Julia H. Randall, of Oakland, Calif., and Katharine V. N. Randall, of Tucson, Ariz., to Massachusetts Commonwealth, Department of Conservation and Recreation. Middle Road. $79,200


Ian S. Fleming, of North Carolina, to Nathan Hall. North County Road, “fka” Old County Road. $27,500

Leocadio V. Diaz Estate, Rose Marie Diaz-Cordes, of Encinitas, Calif., Executor and Personal Representative, to Warren E. Facey Jr. North County Road. $45,000

Leocadio V. Diaz Estate, Rose Marie Diaz-Cordes, Executor and Personal Representative, to Warren E. Facey Jr. North County Road. $1

Mark J. Natale and Laura L. Baltzell, to Miles P. McCloy and Elena N. Mamatas, of Deerfield. 376 East Hill Road. $295,000


Stephen M. Palso Sr. and Tina L. Palso, to Zaharia Nichita, of Greenfield. 46 Randall Wood Drive. $130,000

Philip A. Dumas and Debra L. Dumas, to Robert I. Shulman and Kathleen O’Kane of Wendell. 6 Taylor Heights. $313,100

Jeffrey B. Anderson, of Amherst, to Joshua N. Goldman. 3 South St. $64,500


Roslyn Pedreira, of Clermont, Fla., to Mark Svetaka. 178 West St. $1


Amy W. Hayward Revocable Trust, Robert L. Hayward, Trustee, to Robert L. Hayward, of Marco Island, Fla. 18 Lyman Road. $1

Robert L. Hayward, to Graham J. Hayward. 18 Lyman Road. $1

Linda M. Smith of Greenfield, to Tyler L. Leroux and Darrell J. Massa of Bernardston. 148 Wanamaker Road. $147,000

Peter W. Pullen and Jo Ann Pullen to Richard M. St. Clair and Katherine H. St. Clair, of Erdenhiem, Pa. 46 Maple St. $240,000


Raymond C. Harris Jr. “aka” R.C. Harris and Michelle R. Harris, to Raymond C. Harris. 188 Holtshire Road. $1

Raymond C. Harris to Paul D. Gervais and Kelli B. Gervais. 188 Holtshire Road. $243,000

Resilient Investments, LLC, of Chelmsford to Joshua J. Joseph and Tabreena M. Joseph. 10 Old South Road. $179,900

Simonne L. Coderre, of South Deerfield, and Susanne M. Punton, of St. Petersburg, Fla., to Donald R. Dion, of Hadley. 98 East Main St. $113,333

Charles Morrow, of Athol, to Verne Goldsher, of Harvard. Drew Boulevard. $20,000

Arline M. O’Donnell Estate, Henry T. Martin, Sr., Personal Representative, to David R. Ciaschini. 11 Shingle Brook Road. $160,000

John Griffiths and Faith A. Griffiths, of Athol, to Michael J. Sabourin and Kristin E. Sabourin, of Greenfield. 313 South Main St. $210,000

Brian J. Fournier and Marlene G. Chaisson, to Kurt Berry, of Athol. 302 Wheeler Ave. $249,900


John R. Pollard and Maureen E. Blackmore, to John R. Pollard Trust, John R. Pollard, Trustee. 6 James Barnard Road. $1

Kristine A. Summers, of Colrain, to Bruno D. Ierulli. 455 Colrain Shelburne Road. $1


Gregory Briggs “aka” Gregory M. Briggs of Amherst, to Nicholas Rhodes and Keren A. Rhodes of Amherst. 74 Pelham Hill Road. $115,000

Michael Lavine and Louise B. Lavine, to Sharon Weizenbaum. 712 Pratt Corner Road. $360,000

John Rowan-Stern, to Sharon Weizenbaum of Amherst. Pratt Corner Road. $250,000


Franklin Land Trust, Inc. of Shelburne to Monterey Rose LLC., of Topsham, Maine. Russell Street. $250,000


Agnes H. Piscopo Family Trust, Lois P. Wells, Trustee, to Brent W. Alderman Sterste and Leanna R. Alderman Sterste, of Holyoke. 12 Chase Hill Road. $200,000


JAWK, Inc., of South Deerfield, to David A. Hardy Contractor, LLC. of Easthampton. Eastwood Lane. $105,000

Joanne O’Shea, of Northampton, by attorney, Daniel J. O’Shea, Attorney, to Stephen S. Kloc, III, and Frances P. Clarke, of South Hadley. 345 Haydenville Road. $275,000

JAWK, Inc., of South Deerfield to Pamela M. McDaniel and Rebecca M. McDaniel of Hatfield. Eastwood Lane. $105,000

JAWK, Inc., of South Deerfield, to David N. Theoharides and Jane G. Theoharides, of Sanford, Maine. Frances Way. $105,000

JAWK, Inc., to Gary B. Maynard and Nancy O. Maynard, of South Deerfield. Grey Oak Lane. $105,000